School Name

The Jesuit Dallas name is among our School’s most valuable assets. The widely recognized Jesuit Dallas brand represents the high caliber of the Jesuit Dallas faculty, staff and students, and the quality and breadth of their integrity and endeavors. Every use of the Jesuit Dallas name conveys an association with Jesuit and potentially affects the School’s reputation.

In addition to the proper use of logos, fonts and colors, consistency in how we refer to the School builds equity in our brand and strengthens our visibility.

Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas is the official School name and should be used on first reference for all formal communications and official documents.

Jesuit Dallas is the School’s official short name, and should be used as a secondary reference on official communications and as a primary reference for internal communications and in describing specific programs (i.e. Jesuit Dallas Robotics).

Jesuit is an accepted short name, and can be used as a secondary reference on all internal communications or as a primary reference on personal communications where the relationship is readily understood (there are Jesuit high schools in 27 states).

JCP (Jesuit College Preparatory) can be used as an acronym, although every effort should be made to avoid using the term Jesuit College Prep as an identifier. Jesuit Prep, Jesuit High School, Jesuit College Prep School, and any other variants are not accepted as part of the Jesuit Dallas brand.

Note: The Associated Press lists high schools by city followed by name. In some cases beyond our control, we will be referred to as Dallas Jesuit. This is not a proper use of our brand guidelines and should never be used on official correspondence from the School.