School Fonts

The following are the preferred font families for official School use: Helvetica Neue and Garamond

The two typefaces allow for flexibility and creative expression in body copy and display. They should be used to complement and contrast in all stationery and all other applications where appropriate. Both typefaces are system fonts already installed on most computers and are appropriate for all media.

For more universal access on all computers, the following typefaces are acceptable substitutes for use on web sites and for official use on computers without the typefaces listed above: Arial and Times

Helvetica Neue

The official san serif typeface. If you are working on a computer that does not have Helvetica Neue, use Arial as a substitute.

Helvetica Neue UltraLight

Helvetica Neue Light

Helvetica Neue Regular

Helvetica Neue Medium

Helvetica Neue Bold

Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold

Helvetica Neue Condensed Black


The official serif typeface. If you are working on a computer that doesn't have Garamond, use Times New Roman as a substitute.

Garamond Regular

Garamond Bold

Penumbra Serif

The font used for the "Jesuit" wordmark is Penumbra and only appears in our logo. This font is only available in uppercase and is not to be used in any body copy.

Penumbra Serif Regular

Athletic Font

The following is the preferred font family for official Athletic use:


Using Eurostile across all uniforms and marketing for Athletics supplies consistency throughout the Jesuit Dallas Athletic brand.

Eurostile Regular

Eurostile Bold