Club & Organization Logos

The Clubs and Organizations of the School are required to co-brand with the School's word mark to maintain brand consistency, but are not required to use the shield. By providing and creating separate logos for each club and organization, we allow them to create their own unique mark while working along side the School's brand and creating the most impact. The following logos were created following the guideline.



Each club and organization is provided with a logo in horizontal format and stacked format.

Jesuit Dallas' primary colors are blue and gold. Each club or organization logo comes in two different color variations: one color and two color. (For all approved color variations see the Shield logo section.) When choosing the color of the logo consider the background. Intentional use of color creates a powerful visual impact.

When considering sizing and placement of athletic logos, follow the guidelines provided for the School logos to ensure that we don't lose the legibility of the name or the clarity of the shield.

New logos need to be approved by the Communications Office. Contact Candice Price in the communications office to talk through objectives, expectations, and process of creating a new logo for your club or organization. You will be expected to work within these standards and appropriately represent the School.