Media Policies

Media Access to Campus

Representatives of the news media must receive permission from the President’s Office to enter the campus. Such permission generally will be granted for exterior work as long as it does not interfere or become disruptive to the educational environment.

Filming on Campus

All commercial, non-news photography or videotaping must be approved in advance by the President’s Office or the Director of Communications.

Jesuit Dallas protects its name and landmarks from inappropriate commercial use but strives to cooperate with film and video producers desiring to use Jesuit Dallas facilities when it can be demonstrated their activities serve the School's interest. Priority generally is given to those activities that can help support the educational mission.

A production will be considered in terms of its size and complexity and to what degree it might disrupt classes and other normal campus activities. Whenever possible, production should be scheduled for weekends and during breaks in the academic calendar.

Drone photography/filming is not allowed on the Jesuit Dallas campus under any circumstance.

Please contact James Kramer for any inquiries pertaining to media access and filming on campus.