Social Media

The Internet and social media networks – like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter – are important channels of communication for the community. The following guidelines have been developed to assist with posting from official channels.

We ask that all existing and future accounts, including social media and websites, using Jesuit Dallas' name are catalogued with the Director of Communications, James Kramer.


The keys for success are to be honest, thoughtful, personable and respectful:

  • Know your Audience: Social media is public speech. While your message may be for a target audience, recognize your actual audience is much broader.
  • Think before you post: Use common sense, and exercise discretion, good judgment and thoughtfulness.
  • Be Respectful: Users can discuss and disagree with others, but remember to always be respectful of other’s opinions. Keep all discussion civil and thoughtful, and always remember that you are representing Jesuit.
  • Use Patience: Remember that at times online communities can be volatile and it is best to always take the higher ground. Respond in a tone that represents Jesuit’s values and report overly negative or inappropriate messaging to the school administration.
  • Be accurate: You should always make sure you have all the facts before you post. If you make an error, make a correction quickly and publicly.
  • Be relevant: Post news, events and items that are germane to your audience. Fresh content: Keep content interesting, new and up to date.
  • Do not spam: Avoid unnecessary repetition that could be perceived by your audience as spam.
  • Be transparent: Clearly identify your association with Jesuit Dallas.


Branding elements for Twitter should be chosen while being mindful of the fact that 80 percent of Twitter users view the platform from a mobile device.

Profile Picture

Twitter profile pictures are 400x400 pixels, but will scale down and appear much smaller next to your tweets in users’ feeds.

Header Image

Twitter’s header image is 1500 x 500 pixels as viewed on a desktop. Again, it is much smaller on mobile and is built to be responsive, meaning it will change sizes depending on the size of the screen on which a user views it. Normally, Twitter will crop from the top and the bottom, so the safest part of the image is the center.


As with Twitter, branding elements for Facebook should be chosen mindful of the fact that a growing number of users access the platform from mobile devices only.

Profile pictures

Facebook profile pictures should be sized at 180x180 pixels, but will scale down to 160x160 and be seen much smaller on mobile devices.

Cover photos

The Facebook cover photo is a great way to engage audiences with gorgeous photos of campus. These are high-resolution images that are sized at 851x315 pixels and as such, should only include adequately sized photos.


Profile pictures

Facebook profile pictures should be sized at 110x110 pixels.