A Letter From The President

January 31, 2019 

Dear friends of Jesuit Dallas,

The Diocese of Dallas has released its list of clergy who were credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor during the past 60 years. A link to that list can be found at the bottom of this letter. Just as we were saddened for the victims and repulsed as a community by the findings of the Jesuit Provincial office in December of last year, we are once again filled with pain as we contemplate such behavior and the victims who suffered and may still suffer.

I need to note for our community the additional names included on the list from the Diocese of Dallas but not contained on the list from the provincial.

It is with great dismay to see the appearance on the list of Father Patrick H. Koch, S.J. A 1944 graduate of Jesuit, Fr. Koch later served as principal (1972-79), president (1979-80), and director of alumni (1980-86). He remained a part of the Jesuit community until his death in 2006. Please know that our administration will seek spiritual guidance as we further consider the School's response to this news.

The Diocesan report also includes the name of Fr. Ben Smylie, S.J., who was assigned to Jesuit in the 1980s.

In addition, the Maryland Province has released a list which states that an allegation was made against Fr. Robert B. Cullen, S.J., who was assigned to Jesuit Dallas for one year in 1960, while a list released by the Midwest Province includes Fr. Thomas R. Haller, S.J., who worked at Jesuit Dallas in the 1980s. With respect to Fr. Cullen, the Maryland Province reports that the alleged conduct was estimated to have occurred in the Maryland Province in the 1960s-1980s.  With respect to Fr. Haller, the Midwest Province states that the allegations relate to actions that occurred in the 1950s and/or 1960s in Wisconsin and Nebraska. Both men are deceased.

As I have stated previously, the health and well-being of all victims of sexual misconduct is our highest priority. We have significant protections in place to safeguard our students and to provide a means to investigate any reports of misconduct. Our staff, faculty and students are thoroughly versed in these processes that support a safe environment for every individual who steps on our campus.

Please know that I remain steadfast in my commitment to work with the proper authorities to protect our former and current students from any wrongdoing, and will make myself available to discuss any questions or concerns.

If anyone in our community has ever experienced abuse by any priest or layperson, I urge you to contact me directly (972-387-8700 x324; mearsing@jesuitcp.org) or by reporting to the Province (314-361-7765; UCSOutreach@jesuits.org). If you have any questions about the most recent allegations, please contact the Diocese of Dallas.



Michael A. Earsing


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