A Message to Jesuit Dallas Families - Sept. 3, 2020

Dear Families,
This letter is primarily to inform you that Jesuit will continue in the hybrid learning model through Friday, Oct. 2. The experience through the first two weeks of school has been overwhelmingly positive considering the unique circumstances, and we have made the decision to extend the current learning environment in our commitment to ensure the safety of your sons.
As our students begin to engage more with students from other schools, specifically through extracurricular activities, it is imperative that we maintain the safety of our community. Expanded practices, games, and performances introduce new variables that will need to be continually evaluated, as we consider how to keep our students as safe as possible. We are moving forward cautiously, but optimistic that if conditions continue to improve, we will be able to provide a more inclusive, full-time on-campus learning environment following this extension.
Additionally, we are monitoring football programs across the state and will use our observations of these early-season games to guide the decisions for our first home game on Friday, Oct. 2. We intend to release our protocol for attendance at varsity football games by Sept. 23.
Since the end of the summer and the start of school-year activities, we have had four positive cases of COVID-19 within the student body. In each instance, families of students who shared a class, participated in a service activity, or were part of an athletic cohort of the infected student were immediately notified. Parents can view the number of active student cases as well as illness and quarantine guidelines through RangerNet at any time.
Please be reminded that although we have created and are maintaining a safe physical environment, parents can choose for their sons to engage exclusively through eLearning. Campus remains closed to visitors without an appointment.
We are pleased with how our students have followed safety protocols while on campus, and want to remind our parents of our shared responsibility in keeping our boys healthy and our doors open. Thank you for continued feedback. Please continue submitting your questions to connect@jesuitcp.org and have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.
God's Blessings,

Mike Earsing