Don't Let Dallas Families Go Hungry

Every year, many Dallas families go hungry despite the fact that they often work multiple jobs. The average income in the communities we serve is $14,287 per year, (almost half the per capita income of Dallas residents overall), often forcing them to choose between paying rent, medications, utility bills or food. These families need a Champion. Wilkinson Center’s mission is to transform the lives of Dallas families by providing pathways out of poverty with dignity and respect. Food is the number one need of families who grapple with poverty and at Wilkinson Center Food Pantry, we provide 7,000 to 8,000 cans of food every month to feed 850 families. And the demand keeps growing every year. That’s where you come in.We're looking for a few dedicated partners to work with us to ensure families in Dallas are fed. We need Champions that want to end hunger in Dallas and provide an opportunity for their neighbors to have a better life now. To sign-up, contact Bob Monroe at bob_munro@wilkinsoncenter.org or 972-284-0301.