Planned Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we updating our PD?

Our present PD (last updated in 1992) limits building coverage and reduces our ability to make necessary changes to improve security, traffic flow, and the student experience.

What are we asking for in a revised PD?

The ask is to add to the approved 290,000sf of building space from the 1992 PD with the following: porte-cochere and administration rebuild - 35,000sf; chapel - 25,000sf; and natatorium - 40,000sf.

Why are we changing the front of school?

The front of school renovation has five key objectives: 1. Mitigate Inwood Road stacking and improve traffic flow through campus; 2. Enhance security by creating a single point of controlled front entry into the main building; 3. Consolidate administrative personnel; 4. Enrich curb appeal by modernizing the School’s facade and bolstering its visual appeal from the outside; 5. Relocation of the chapel to a prominent location on campus.

Why are we moving the chapel?

The current chapel was built in 1962 for the Jesuit’s working in the School with a capacity of around 40. We would like the chapel to better serve our student retreat groups and faculty Mass up to 150. Moving the chapel to the front of the school also allows us to reinforce our faith identity and provides access to the chapel upon entering the School.

Why are we building a natatorium?

The unexpected commitment of a generous donor to fully fund the cost of a pool gives us the rare opportunity to capitalize on a project that otherwise would have been unachievable. In addition to creating water education opportunities for all of our students, dive training for our increasingly popular marine biology program, and other potential academic utilizations, our swimming, diving, and water polo teams will be able to train and compete on campus. The addition of this facility will positively enhance the learning environment.

Who would be allowed to use the natatorium?

The natatorium is not available for public use and users would include and be limited to:

  1. The School, its faculty, its students, and its alumni;
  2. Participants in sports camps or other events sponsored by the School or its coaches;
  3. Students attending private schools within a four mile radius of the School;
  4. Students from other private schools who are engaged in athletic practices or competitions with the students of the School or of a private school within a four mile radius of the School; and
  5. Coaches and spectators at any athletic practices or competitions, sports camps, or other allowed school-sponsored events.

What is our traffic management plan?

We have worked with a city-approved traffic consultant to provide a management plan that will be submitted with our PD. Our primary concern is relieving congestion during peak drop off and pick up, and to resolve stacking on Inwood Road.

What about foot traffic crossing Inwood Road?

For access to the Forestwood site, students will enter/exit the main campus via a walkway on the inside of the current fencing along Inwood Road. A gate will be installed at the south east corner of the main campus, with a connecting gate on the opposite side of the crosswalk at Forestwood. Students will no longer need to cross Inwood for parking.

What will happen to the present student parking lot adjacent to the Starbucks site?

The lot will be used for staging during the construction period, event parking overflow, and other non-student parking.

How will parking across campus be affected by the changes?

On campus parking presently includes 458 spaces. With the 232 spaces gained from the Forestwood parking, the number of total parking spaces provided on campus after construction will approximate 640 (this number would be higher but accounts for spaces lost from construction of the natatorium).

What about parking on Willow Lane?

Per our agreement in the Forestwood PD, students will no longer be permitted to use Willow Lane for parking during school hours. The City has preliminarily agreed to the installation of “No Parking” signs on weekdays from 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Will any trees be removed during construction?

We updated our 2010 tree survey with a city-approved landscape consultant, although the tree line along Inwood Road will not be impacted. Our landscape plan is to retain as many trees as possible, and to fully comply with the spirit of Article X in the City of Dallas Code.

Is Jesuit seeking to expand enrollment?

Since 1985 enrollment growth has averaged less than 1% per year. We do not have any intention to increase enrollment beyond that growth rate.

What is the timing for construction?

The timing of all construction is contingent on operations, functionality, and fundraising, with the need to reconcile student safety and security as a primary driver for activity.

June 11, 2018: Submission of PD to the City of Dallas.

September 12, 2018: Scheduled City Council meeting for PD approval.