Community Service

Community service and social justice are cornerstones in the educational ethos at Jesuit Dallas. Our programs are designed to be context-driven and student-centered with the core belief that when student formation is given highest priority, everyone benefits in the long-term. As a student serves in the community, he proceeds toward greater awareness of his place as a servant-leader while recognizing his responsibility as a Man for Others in the Jesuit tradition of service that is inspired by Christ’s life and the teachings of St. Ignatius.

Community Service [990]

Community Service [998]

Credit: 100 hours

Prerequisites: Senior status.

Description: The Jesuit Community Service program seeks to provide an experience for the Jesuit student which will enable him to achieve considerable knowledge of the many needs of local and wider communities. The program seeks to prepare him for the day when he will take a place in these communities as a competent, concerned, and responsible member. The Community Service requirement of one hundred hours encourages the Jesuit senior to be a man of action, confronting issues in the community and striving to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. On a weekly basis the Jesuit seniors serve over 87 different agencies in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex. In addition to this regular weekly service, the seniors undertake a multitude of special projects working in diverse areas of need throughout the community and generously devoting many hours of volunteer service.

Community Service [995]

Credit: 0.50

Prerequisites: Senior status; concurrent enrollment in Community Service.

Description: This course offers seniors the opportunity to explore the historical development and application of Catholic Social Teaching.

The course is supplemented with personal reflections that relate to the senior’s specific community service site and the relationship their work and these agencies have in building a better world. During the course, students delve more deeply into a wide range of social justice themes that integrate their more theoretical learning with their specific area of senior community service. The course is founded on the principals of Social Justice thought in the Jesuit tradition. Topics include: poverty, legal systems, childhood education, special education, immigration, elder care, human dignity, homelessness, just war, health care, and modern social structures. This class meets once a week, attends guest speaker presentations, and culminates with a Capstone Project.

Mr. Richard Perry

Mr. Richard Perry