Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department of Jesuit Dallas strives to give students the opportunity to grow in their understanding of themselves, of the world — and, ultimately, of God — by increasing their knowledge of the visual and performing arts as well as helping them experience the creation of art in the fields of music, theater, ceramics, painting, and drawing.

Proceeding in the manner of St. Ignatius we refer to his teachings by encouraging students to always strive to do their best and live the magis, the more.

With a focus on theory and practice, the Fine Arts Department strives to instill in our students an awareness and appreciation of art's important role in the enrichment of the human spirit and yields self-sufficient learners with educated opinions.

Fine Arts [900]

One credit (1.00) is required in the Fine Arts for graduation. A student enrolled in Band or Chamber Orchestra for at least two years fulfills the requirement. All students must complete their initial ½ credit before the beginning of their junior year. Students may complete these requirements in summer school, if the course is offered, before or after their sophomore year.

Mr. Donovan Putnam

Mr. Donovan Putnam

Teacher, Department Head