Academic Support

Jesuit students are provided a variety of resources to ensure their potential for academic and personal success is maximized. Below are a few of the resources available to our students:

Learning Services

Jesuit’s Learning Services is a two-fold program that provides both academic support to all students through the Learning Resource Center as well as academic accommodations to students who have documented disabilities which affect their classroom performance.  

For any questions regarding academic accommodations or academic support, please contact Maureen Miramontes at 972-387-8700, ext. 453 or

Learning Resource Center

Jesuit’s Learning Resource Center (LRC) is a dedicated space for all students to receive academic support.   

  • The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is open daily from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm and is staffed by our Learning Specialists.  
  • Students can utilize the LRC for academic support, small group study, or as a quiet place to study or work on homeowork.  
  • Student’s can receive academic support through one-on-one meetings with one of the Learning Specialists, or through assistance in the LRC.  
  • The support services will be individualized based on the student’s needs and may focus on areas such as organizational skills, study skills, time management skills, learning how to ask teachers for help, etc.
  • For any questions regarding the Learning Resource Center, please contact Maureen Miramontes at 972-387-8700, ext. 453 or

Math Lab

Located in the Information Commons, the Math Lab is open from 7:15-4:30pm every day for student tutoring. It is facilitated by a teacher in the math department during every minute it is available. This provides students with easy and consistent access to someone for test prep, review, or homework help. The Math Lab providest the following services:

  • Computers with all of the necessary programs for math classes (StatCrunch, Geometry Sketchpad, etc.)
  • Full white boards for group work and/or teacher teaching
  • 80" SHARP TV for tutorials and interactive features
  • Modular white board tables for group work

Students do not need an appointment to visit the Math Lab.