Academic Support

Jesuit students are provided a variety of resources to ensure their potential for academic and personal success is maximized. Below are a few of the resources available to our students:

  • Teacher office hours: each teacher has dedicated time during the day to engage students in additional support and tutoring
  • Grade level counselors: counselors are available to support academic, social, and emotional needs.
  • Learning Resource Center: dedicated space for all students to receive support on executive functioning skills (time management, organization, etc.)
  • Math Lab: dedicated space that is facilitated by a math teacher between the hours of 7:15 and 4:15 on most school days
  • Support for Students with Learning Disabilities: learning specialists are available to provide resources and accommodations to students with diagnosed learning disabilities

Learning Resource Center

The LRC is a dedicated room where teachers and learning specialists can interact with all students and provide them with academic support. This resource is works in parallel with the work of the teachers and guidance counselors.

The following support opportunities are available in the LRC:

  • Guidance on executive functioning skills. This includes help with time management, organization, confidence, and study skills. This is provided in a group format and individual format, depending on the student needs.
  • Small group study space: Students can use the white board walls to work with their peers on upcoming projects or assignments.
  • Quiet space for studying

Math Lab

Located in the Information Commons, the Math Lab is open from 7:15-4:30pm every day for student tutoring. It is facilitated by a teacher in the math department during every minute it is available. This provides students with easy and consistent access to someone for test prep, review, or homework help. The space was updated in 2017 to include the following resources:

  • Computers with all of the necessary programs for math classes (StatCrunch, Geometry Sketchpad, etc.)
  • Full white boards for group work and/or teacher teaching
  • 80" SHARP TV for tutorials and interactive features
  • Modular white board tables for group work

Students do not need an appointment to visit the Math Lab.

Support for Students with Learning Disabilities

Jesuit is blessed with a student body full of individuals who learn in a variety of ways and face a diverse range of challenges. As a community that welcomes students with diagnosed learning disabilities, ADHD and medical disabilities, it is important that we are transparent in our limited ability to accommodate many special needs.

Although a diagnosing psychologist may suggest additional accommodations, Jesuit is only able to provide the following:

  • 50% extended time on tests, including mid-year and end of the year assessments (This accommodation does not extend to quizzes, projects, homework or written assignments).
  • Preferential seating in classroom setting – We work with teachers to give students seating options in classrooms that best suit their individual learning needs.

Students seeking academic accommodations in the classroom should contact Maureen Miramontes, Learning Specialist, at 972-387-8700 ext. 453 or to set up an initial consultation.

In order to receive academic accommodations, students must:

  1. Provide documentation to verify disability.Please review Documentation criteria to ensure documentation being submitted will be sufficient.Documentation can be submitted via email to Maureen Miramontes (
  2. .Schedule a meeting with Maureen Miramontes and/or Patrick Triplett to review their accommodation plan.Both the student and parent must attend this meeting.
  3. Follow the Testing Accommodations procedure to use accommodations for tests/assessments.

Documentation of Disability Criteria

In order to ensure students are provided the appropriate evaluation in order to receive academic accommodations at Jesuit, please contact Maureen Miramontes ( if you are needing assistance with the testing process. Please note the following criteria when preparing to submit documentation for academic accommodations.

  • Valid documentation for academic accommodations must:
    • Be completed by a licensed psychologist or educational diagnostician.
    • Be a complete psychoeducational battery of testing which must include both a cognitive and an achievement test.
    • Be current.Documentation older than three years will not be accepted.
  • Documentation that is NOT acceptable:
    • Because of the variation in accommodations offered at the K-8 grade levels, IEP’s and 504 plans should not be submitted as primary forms of documentation.However, they can be submitted as supplemental documentation.
    • Documentation handwritten on a prescription pad will not be accepted.
    • Documentation that is more than three years old will not be accepted.
  • Submitting documentation:
    • Documentation should be submitted as soon as the student is accepted to Jesuit College Preparatory School.
    • Documentation must be submitted prior to the start of each semester.Deadline for submission of documentation to receive accommodations for the first semester is June 1st and deadline to submit documentation to receive accommodations for the second semester is January 1st.