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College Credit

In addition to providing an enriching academic experience, Jesuit offers several opportunities to earn college credit while in high school. These opportunities come in the form of College Board Advanced Placement (AP) and our partnership with Saint Louis University. In recent years, many students have graduated from Jesuit with over 30 college credit hours, thus getting a head start on their college and graduate degree path.

College Board® Advanced Placement® (AP®)

Jesuit offers upwards of 24 AP® courses each year. Students with passing scores on AP® tests (3, 4, or 5) are often awarded college credit for their achievement, in addition to colleges recognizing the high degree of rigor associated with the course content. Students who attend a Texas public college or university are automatically awarded credit for passing scores. Jesuit is proud to maintain a >75% pass rate on the College Board® Advanced Placement® examinations over the last several years. 

Dual Credit

Since 2020, Jesuit has a partnership with the St. Louis University (SLU) 1818 Dual Credit program. SLU recognizes the rigor of our classes (AP, Honors, and on-level) and awards college credit for enrollment and grades earned in approved courses. Courses change each year based on Jesuit and SLU requirements, but students are encouraged to meet with their counselor about the opportunities available and how the credit might transfer to their colleges of interest.

SLU 1818 Program

Other Opportunities

Jesuit students are motivated and often have specific academic goals. Whether it be an online program for enrichment or for credit, counselors are happy to work with students on achieving their academic goals. Students may be permitted to attend a university course online or in-person and receive credit at Jesuit. John Hopkins University, University of Texas at Dallas, Brookhaven College, and El Centro College have been schools at which students have enrolled and attended on-site or online classes.