College Credit

In addition to providing an enriching academic experience to all students, Jesuit offers several opportunities for students to earn college credit while at Jesuit. We are always learning about new opportunities, so we encourage students and parents to contact their counselor if they have any questions.

While dual credit might not be be selection or desire for every Jesuit student, it is worth noting that Jesuit classes, regardless of honors status or grade level, have a noticed impact on the success of our graduates in college. It is not infrequent for Jesuit to receive unsolicited compliments from college professors about our graduates. From being prepared for their curricula to excelling in their courses, colleges know they can expect well-rounded and deep thinkers from Jesuit alumni.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Jesuit partners with the College Board to offer upwards of 24 AP courses each year. The number of courses changes based on the pursuits of the individuals in the courses. While there are prerequisites for many of the AP courses, students with passing scores on the AP tests (3, 4, or 5) are often awarded college credit for their achievement. Students who remain in-state and attend a public college or university are automatically awarded credit for passing scores. Jesuit is proud to maintain a >90% pass rate on the College Board Advanced Placement examinations.

A full listing of our courses, including AP courses, can be found in our Course Catalog.

Click here to read more about the College Board AP Program

Dual Credit

Taking advantage of this, just like the AP tests, provides students the opportunity to get ahead in their college pursuits. Students are encouraged to meet with their counselor about the opportunities available and how the credit might transfer to their colleges of interest. It is important to note that each college/state has different translation methods for determining how dual credit is considered towards degree plans, etc. Our college counselors are great resources for helping students decide on what works best for their goals.Jesuit is excited to announce a partnership with the St. Louis University (SLU) 1818 Dual Credit program You can read more about the SLU program here:

The following courses are available for dual-credit in 2021-2022:


  • Sacraments, Morality, and Justice - THEO 2610/2510
  • History of the Catholic Church - THEO 1000
  • Christian Relationships - THEO 2425
  • Interreligious Dialogue - THEO 2710
  • Catholic Social Teaching (all) - THEO 2515


  • AP Biology - BIOL 1240/1245
  • Geology - EAS 1010


  • English 4: Modern American Literature - ENGL 1900/2250
  • English 4: Non-Fiction Literature - ENGL 1900/2350
  • English 4: World Literature - ENGL 1900/2850
  • AP English Literature - ENGL 1500


  • Spanish 3 (honors) - SPAN 1010/1020


  • Honors Precalculus (667 only) - MATH 1400

Social Studies

  • Government (regular and AP) - POLS 1100
  • Comparative Government - POLS 1500

If you have any questions, please contact Ben Kirby (

Individualized Opportunities

Every student has different gifts and different goals. To that end, we are happy to review graduation plans to se how it may include earning outside college credit. These plans can range from individual online courses to attending classes at local colleges and universities. As an example, several students in the class of 2020 are enrolled in advanced math courses through Johns Hopkins University. They will earn credit at Jesuit and through their Johns Hopkins program. Other students have requested to take the classes on-campus and we organize their Jesuit schedule to permit them to attend college classes. University of Texas at Dallas, Brookhaven College, and El Centro College have been schools at which students have dual enrolled and attended on-site classes.

Students and parents should visit with their counselor if they have questions about a particular program or are interested in looking for options.