Course Catalog

Theology [100]

The courses listed in this section comprise the four-credit Theology requirement. Senior theology will be comprised of 2 one-semester courses; seniors will choose two out of 3 courses.

English [200]

Four credits of English are required for graduation.

Language [300]

Three full credits of the same Language are required for graduation.

Physical Education [400]

The 1.0 credit Physical Education requirement is earned during the freshman year.

Social Studies [500]

The four credit Social Studies requirements are World History, United States History, Social Justice and Public Policy, Government, Economics and one additional half credit (0.50) Social Studies choice course. In addition to the four Social Studies credits, all students are required the half credit (0.50) in Rhetoric and Civics.

Mathematics [600]

The four year Math requirement may be fulfilled with courses listed in this section. All students must receive credit for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. All courses require a graphing calculator. Incoming freshmen will be placed in honors or advanced level math classes based on their performance on the ISEE Admissions Exam and the Jesuit Algebra Skills Assessment Exam. Transfer students will be placed in an appropriate level math class based on their previous transcript and performance on the appropriate level placement exam.

Science [700]

The four credit Science requirement must include Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Computer Science Department [800]

One credit of Computer Science is required for graduation.

Fine Arts [900]

One credit (1.00) is required in the Fine Arts for graduation. A student enrolled in Band or Chamber Orchestra for at least two years fulfills the requirement. All students must complete their initial ½ credit before the beginning of their junior year. Students may complete these requirements in summer school, if the course is offered, before or after their sophomore year.

Community Service [990]