Hosting & Exchange Program

Jesuit Dallas is proud to have hosting and exchange relationships with Jesuit schools around the world, including: Toulouse, France; Milan, Italy; Guadalajara, Mexico; and Lima, Peru. These unique opportunities exist for Jesuit families to host exchange students and for students to travel as an exchange student.

As we continue to provide this amazing experience, we are always seeking families who are willing to host an exchange student for all of the programs. If you are interested in participating in any of the programs below, please complete the Initial Application by clicking here. If any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact a trip coordinator.

Process for Hosting an Exchange Student

Step 1: Determine the program that best fits your academic and personal goals and desires. Talk to the program coordinator and get all questions and concerns answered.

Step 2: Complete the Initial Application to Host an Exchange Student
Goals of this step: a) Determine the number of interested families for each exchange program. b) Use exchange student information and exchange school conversations to determine matches between exchange students and Jesuit students and families.

Note: If indicated on the form, families will be considered for any/all of the other trips.

Step 3: If determined to be a potential match, the program coordinator will contact you for a home visit or to attend a group parent meeting at school. These visits are to last 5-10 minutes and review the living arrangements for the exchange student.
Goal of this step: review living arrangements in light of student safety and comfort and if the program is the best match for the individual family and student.

Step 4: If match is finalized, you will receive information about the host family meeting. It is at this meeting that the host family responsibilities and agreements will be distributed. Those documents are available for your review at any time.