Jesuit Dallas partners with Le Caousou, a Jesuit high school in Toulouse, France, to experience culture through a collaborative language immersion program. Students of both schools will live with host families from the partner school, attend classes, and tour the city, learning about rich culture and heritage.

While hosting students from Le Caousou, students will be exposed to a variety of Dallas experiences that aim towards meeting the program objectives (see below). These include, but are not limited to, the following: attending classes at Dallas Jesuit, a college visit, a sporting event, a tour of Dallas, and service programs.

In France, Jesuit Dallas students will shadow classes, be hosted by a family, tour local historical sites, enjoy sporting events, and more! Jesuit Dallas students and faculty will also travel via train to Paris to complete the trip. One of the highlights of the Paris trip is to experience mass in the Martyrium at Montmartre (Paris) where St. Ignatius and the Companions took vows. Other Paris experiences are Sacré-Coeur, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre, the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, and shopping. Other historical locations will be considered as well.


  • The Jesuit Language department strives to fully engage students in the “Five C’s” of language learning: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and communities. Students in this exchange program will experience the 5 C’s in new and exciting ways via cultural and linguistic immersion, putting put their knowledge of the French language and way of life to the test!
  • Students will experience the linguistic, historical and cultural connections between the French language, historical and Catholic sites, and the daily life of France.
  • Students will be provided experiences to help them in their formation of being open to growth, spiritual, physically fit, and having intellectual competence, all through experiencing the language, culture, history and beauty of France.


  • This program is available to students who are currently enrolled in or have taken French 2 or higher at Jesuit. In these classes, students will have learned French vocabulary and grammar to help them communicate with their host families and as we travel in France.
  • Students will be responsible for activities during their travel, including translations of historical landmarks and relevant stories/documents
  • Students will be provided a 1-2-hour study hall per day when Jesuit classes are in-session. Students will be expected to present their experiences, as they relate to the 5 C’s, to peers upon their return.
  • Program coordinator: Julie Richard – French Instructor at Jesuit Dallas.

Typical Schedule:

  • Week One at Le Caousou, Toulouse, France: The students will arrive in Toulouse and connect with their host families. Jesuit Dallas students will participate in classes with their host brothers, explore Toulouse during various excursions about the city, including an adventure quest and photography workshop. Excursions include, but are not limited to, Historical Treasure Hunt, Photography Workshop, a visit to a fortified city, community service, and a paintball party (Americans vs. French!). All excursions are conducted in French.
  • Week Two:Continued classes and visits about the city until Wednesday. At this point, the group will travel to Paris until the return flight home. Below is a sample program:
    • Day 1: Toulouse to Paris: Enjoy an early morning train ride from Toulouse to Paris, about 5 hours. Upon arrival in Paris, we will make our way to the hotel to check-in. Afternoon will be spent exploring Paris as group desires. Dinner is near Le Louvre.
    • Day 2: Le Martyrium in Montmartre: Father Gillibert, SJ invites us to the Martyrium where St. Ignatius and the Companions took vows before forming the Society of Jesus one year later. Fr Gillibert will share his knowledge of St. Ignatius’ time in Paris, how he met the Companions, and formed of the Society of Jesus, as well as the historical perspectives of the time. These perspectives provide a greater understanding of the need to form the Society of Jesus. We will also share Mass together, in French. We will then go to Sacré-Coeur to understand the relationship between the Sacred Heart Order and the Society of Jesus. The steps of Sacré-Coeur also provide an impressive panoramic view of the city. Lunch and a visit to Notre Dame will complete the day. Dinner is on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées with a nighttime walk down the famous avenue to climb the Arc de Triomphe.
    • Day 3: Shopping: Our last day in the City of Lights! The day will be spent shopping and visiting the remaining sites on our list, in particular, Le Louvre. Dinner in the Latin Quarter.
    • Day 4: Paris to Dallas: Direct flight home.