NOTE: This is the initial information sheet and application link (located at the end of the form). Families selected will receive a more comprehensive packet with forms including, but not limited to, medical release forms, authorization for foreign travel, and passport/travel requirements.

Process for Hosting an Exchange Student

Step 1: Determine the program that best fits your academic and personal goals and desires. Talk to the program coordinator and get all questions and concerns answered. Reach out to Rich Perry ( to arrange for a meeting to discuss the program in person in greater detail.

Step 2: Complete the Initial Application to Host an Exchange Student (see final page for link to online form) by the date established by the Program Coordinator.
Goals of this step: a) Determine the number of interested families for each exchange program. b) Use exchange student information and exchange school conversations to determine matches between exchange students and Jesuit students and families.

Note: If indicated on the form, families will be considered for any/all of the other trips.

Step 3: If determined to be a potential match, the program coordinator will contact you for a home visit or to attend a group parent meeting at school. These visits are to last 5-10 minutes and review the living arrangements for the exchange student.
Goal of this step: review living arrangements in light of student safety and comfort and if the program is the best match for the individual family and student.

Step 4: If match is finalized, you will receive information about the host family meeting. It is at this meeting that the host family responsibilities and agreements will be distributed. Those documents are available for your review at any time.

Timeline for students participating in the exchange with travel Mexico Program
Initial Application to Host an Exchange Student

Applications are accepted now through 10/1/18

Student Travel to Mexico

If you so choose, your son may also travel to Mexico November 9-21, 2018. See link at end of page below

Host your new son in Dallas

March 29 - April 27, 2019

General Overview: Guadalajara, Mexico Program

In the 2017-2018 academic year, Jesuit Dallas students will have the opportunity to experience Mexican culture, Spanish language, and the intersection of faith and justice in Guadalajara, Mexico. This is our tenth year partnering with the Jesuit “Instituto de Ciencias” high school and we are excited to present this as a unique one-week travel opportunity for students in grades 10-12 from November 15-22.

Students will only miss two days of classes in Dallas and half of Thanksgiving break, returning the day before Thanksgiving. Students who apply to attend the program in Mexico in November and also agree to host their “brother” from Mexico at Jesuit Dallas as a host family for three weeks in April will have priority in the application process. Priority placement is also offered to those students who hosted this past April. Basic conversational Spanish or current enrollment in Spanish is required. While in Guadalajara, the ten Jesuit students and three faculty members will also participate in two community service efforts. These programs, one at a hospital and one at a nursing home, will merit community service hours upon return to Dallas.

For three weeks in April, the students from Mexico will join us to experience life here at Jesuit. Each visiting student will reside with one of our students as a “member of the family,” participating in their host student’s classes, extracurricular opportunities, and community service.

  • Students will more deeply understand and respect the linguistic, historical and cultural richness of Mexic
  • Students understand the interrelatedness of faith and justice and arrive at this intersection with a humble reverence and respect for the stories of those who they meet, whether on campus, at a service agency, or with their host family
  • Students develop the skills necessary to complete an internal inventory of their societal privileges and understand that this process should be ongoing
  • Students discover how to become contemplatives in action, recognizing the inherent link between prayer and action in their encounters with others
  • Students are able to examine the wisdom of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching through a new lens
  • Students learn the skills necessary to reach beyond borders and form meaningful relationships with people from another cultural paradigm or community
  • Students translate learning into action by developing the capacity to authentically and freely give of their passions and talents in a way that is responsible
  • Students will be provided experiences that help them in their formation by developing their openness to growth, spirituality, physical fitness, and intellectual competence, all through experiencing the culture, history and beauty of Mexico
  • This program is available only to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are currently enrolled in Spanish or have the necessary conversational skills
  • Students should be in the possession of a valid passport that does not expire in less than one year. If you do not have a current passport, please apply and select the expedited feature.
  • Students will be responsible to fully participate in all dimensions of the experience including team meetings before travel, keeping a journal, group reflection, classroom time, and community service
  • Program coordinators:
    • Rich Perry – Community Service and Social Justice
    • Greg Nielson - Spanish Language Instructor
    • Ben Kirby, PhD - Assistant Principal
  • Wednesday, November 15: Departure, DFW Airport, 6pm, direct on American Airlines, meet new brothers and host families upon arrival at Guadalajara International Airport
  • Thursday, November 16: Orientation, Campus Tour, Classes
  • Friday, November 17: Morning Classes, Afternoon Nursing Home Service Program
  • Saturday & Sunday, November 18, 19: Host Family Time: meeting extended family, touring the city, experiencing delicious food, rich culture, and fun family traditions
  • Monday, November 20: Classes and extracurricular options
  • Tuesday, November 21: Classes and hospital visitation service program
  • Wednesday, November 22: Morning classes and departure: Direct on American Airlines from GDL to DFW for 8pm arrival

NOTE: Financial aid is available regardless of if a student is currently on aid at Jesuit. Please reach out to Alex Soich of the finance office for more details about the process:

The cost of the trip will be $1,100 and includes:

  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Community service programs at both service sites
  • Ground transportation
  • Travel insurance
  • Local guide services

The initial deposit $500 is due with submission of Financial Agreement Form. The remaining balance will be applied to the FACTS account and due before travel.

Questions? Contact Rich Perry: or 972-387-8700 ext. 402