"Medical Society Program"

Lake Atitlan Region, Guatemala

March (Must apply in the fall) | Junior and Senior Classmen


  • Committed to the service, immersion with the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized
  • Willing to reflect upon their experiences and openly share their thoughts and questions
  • Ready to engage in direct service alongside the people of Vivamos Mejor.
  • Team-oriented, flexible, and willing to try new things
  • Interested in working in the medical/ dental field
  • Interested in a career in public health

Program Description:

Primarily attended by students interested in pursuing a career in medicine or social work, the Medical Mission Trip to Guatemala is a 5-6 day service program where students work on the front lines of free clinics set up by the Jesuit Medical Society and their associate volunteers. The program works closely with Vivamos Mejor, a non-profit health organization in Guatemala committed to providing medical care to people in the rural regions of Guatemala. The student team is joined by 3 doctors, 2 dentists, a nurse and social worker, providing one-to-one mentoring.

  • Directly working with patients in triage, pharmacy, medical and dental clinic areas
  • Teaching children in the villages oral hygiene
  • Reflecting on the spiritual aspects of healthcare with professionals who serve in this capacity
  • Encountering the rich Mayan cultures of the villages of the Lake Atitlan region

Please direct questions to program coordinators Mr. von Schlehenried (, Mrs. Sanchez ( or Mrs. Boyle (