The Sacred Valley; Peru

The Rural Peru experience offers students something new: a July winter, a new language (Quechuan), the beautiful Andean landscape, and the daily rural parish routine. These will invite you to see things with a new and simpler perspective. It is our hope that you will depart Dallas as an excited tourist soon to be dropped in an unfamiliar land where ancient cities are nestled in the clouds, where the exotic flavor of cua (guinea pig) mixes with the delicate aroma of the angel’s trumpet flower, and where men and women still dress in the bright colors of their ancestors. And when you return, we have a greater hope that you have been changed: through worship with new friends, by reading to a group of anxious children or teaching a small boy how to brush his teeth, learning the Quechuan word for “laugh” from a seven year old girl, or by the blisters on your feet after hiking to the shrine on the top of the Viva Andauhaylillas. This trip is intended to push you to examine yourself, your relationship with God, and your relationship to others.

Locations: Andahuaylillas, Urcos, Huaro, Urpay, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu

Dates: July 3 - 15, 2020

Price:  $3600


  • Work with and learn from the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Andahuaylillas, Cusco
  • Facilitate classes in local Jesuit elementary schools
  • Spend time with Jesuit upper school students, providing opportunities for local students to practice their language skills with native English speakers
  • Visit rural villages to learn about the daily challenges faced by impoverished communities
  • Host and participate in social programs through the parish center, such as art classes, sports & recreation and game time.
  • Assist with Catechism classes in rural communities
  • 4 day tour of the Sacred Valley, exploring Peru’s ancient Inca culture including a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Machu Picchu

Who Can Attend?
Rising seniors.

This experience is ideal for students who are: open to exploring the deep connections between spirituality, justice, community and simplicity; seeking to grow in their relationship with God and others; are team¬ oriented, flexible, and willing to try new things.

Important Information
While the trip is open to any rising senior, it is important to know the following information about our time in Peru so you may better determine if you are well¬suited for a trip of this nature:

  • Every day is structured around intentional and meaningful dialog and reflection. It is important that you are open to having conversations and willing to share your own faith experiences, insights, and challenges.
  • A moderate to high level of fitness is expected of all trip participants. During our time in the Sacred Valley we will be exploring a number of ancient archaeological sites that require a significant amount of climbing and hiking. In addition we will walk/hike 10-15 miles a day at high altitude.
  • The average elevation for our trip is above 10,500ft. If high altitude causes you moderate to severe physical complications, it is advised that you consider other trip opportunities.
  • Trip participants are asked to embrace a simple experience, packing in a single duffle bag or carry on, and therefore are limited in what they are permitted to bring. Trip participants are not allowed to bring the following items: technology of any kind (phones, cameras, music devices, gaming devices, watches, etc.), pillows, sleeping bags, and personal snacks.
  • Prior to leaving for Peru, the team will work to raise funds to support our travel and ministry. All trip participants are expected to actively participate in fundraising efforts.

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Program Contacts:

Mr. Michael Riemer ’96