Quispicanchi, Peru

The Quispicanchi province is south east of the city of Cusco in the southern highlands of Peru. Running through the province is the baroque Andean route, a network of Jesuit parishes dating back to the 1500s, one of which is located in Urcos, the capital city of Quispicanchi. A team of 12 students and 4 faculty from Jesuit will stay in Urcos’ main parish center, Wasinchi, for 6 nights. Located on the west side of the city, along the Urabamba River at 10,335 feet, the center hosts a variety of social and afterschool programs for children enrolled in local schools, including: tutoring, literacy interventions, health and dental hygiene, arts and crafts, and athletics. The team will support the work of the parish center each afternoon during our stay. 

West of Urcos is the remote community of Suyumayu perched just above 14,000 ft.The center of the community is its school. This is also one of Peru’s poorest regions. During the summer of 2019, Jesuit Dallas formed a partnership with the school, committing to long-term support of the school’s nutrition program. In a recent health study of the community, 100% of the school’s students were diagnosed with Anemia, a condition which results from malnutrition. A portion of the student fee for this trip directly benefits the funding of this vital nutrition program. The team from Jesuit will spend the mornings with the community building relationships, delivering critical food aid, and assisting the school in a variety of ways. 

The trip will conclude with a day long tour of the region surrounding Cusco city. The team will visit several archaeological sites of cultural and historical significance, including: Pikillacta, Sacsayhuaman, Maras and Moray before returning to Dallas. Our final afternoon in Peru will also include a farm to table picnic lunch overlooking the city of Urubamba and the mountain, Ch’iqun, rising over 18,000 feet.    

Locations: Urcos, Suyumayu, Cusco

Dates: May 29 - June 6

Price:  $3200

Who Can Attend?

Rising seniors. This trip is designed for 10-12 students and 4 faculty. 

Important Information

While the trip is open to any rising senior, it is important to know the following information about our time in the region so you may better determine if you are well¬suited for a trip of this nature:

  • A moderate to high level of fitness is expected of all trip participants. During our time in the Quipicanchi region we will be engaged in a high level of physical activity, including athletics and walking/hiking 5-10 miles a day at high altitude.
  • The average elevation for our trip is above 10,500 ft. Participants will have the option of hiking as high at 17,000 ft. If high altitude causes you moderate to severe physical complications, it is advised that you consider other trip opportunities.
  • Trip participants are asked to keep an open mind at all times particularly involving local customs, food, and religious practices - embracing a different way of life and graciously receiving everything that is offered to you.
  • Prior to leaving for Peru, the team will work to raise funds to support our travel and work. All trip participants are expected to actively participate in fundraising efforts.

Program Contacts: 
Dr. Michael RIemer ‘96
Mr. Tim Host