Summer School

Summer School enrollment will begin at 8 a.m. on Saturday, February 1st. Enrollment is limited so please plan accordingly. It is highly recommended that students consult their counselor for recommendations and advice – they can also review the graduation requirements with you. A link for registration is posted on the Moodle homepage and at the bottom of this page.

Summer school courses are offered at $550.00 per course. Payment is due at registration. If there is a need for financial assistance, please contact Ben Kirby ( prior to registration opening. Refunds will not be given after classes begin. .

As Summer School offers semester-long courses in 15 class days, any student who plans to miss 2 or more class sessions should not enroll. They may be withdrawn from the course without a grade if this occurs during the summer.


  • Seniors are limited to 2 courses during the summer (only one may be Art or Computer)
  • Underclassmen are limited to 1 elective during the summer
  • Students participating in Marine Biology or Government Close-up do not need to register.
  • SAGE will be providing lunch for students participating in Summer School
  • All students and families are expected to read and follow the content provided in the Summer School Handbook.

Any questions should be directed to Dr. Ben Kirby at

2020 Registration will open on 2/1/20 at 8am