The Patrick E. Haggerty Math & Science Program

The Patrick E. Haggerty Math and Science Program was established in 1988 by retired Texas Instruments (TI) executive Richard J. Hanschen, in honor of the former TI chief executive officer and Jesuit benefactor. Inspired by the critical nature of education to the nation’s future, the program is designed to:

  1. Encourage and recognize academic achievement in mathematics and science.
  2. Create a passion for the study of mathematics and science that continues beyond the Jesuit experience to collegiate studies.
  3. Provide the motivation to contribute, through career choices, to the disciplines of mathematics, science, technology and medicine.
  4. Foster the development of leaders who will emerge from the technical disciplines to help shape the future of industry, education and society.

The Haggerty Math and Science Program is funded through eleven individual endowment funds that as of 2017 totaled $1.4 million.

Recipients, who must apply annually, are chosen by the mathematics and science faculties on the basis of academic achievement, commitment to math and science, leadership, service to community and character. Annually, students from each of the upper grades are selected for this program, with each receiving a merit financial award. 


  1. To be eligible to apply for the program a student must have earned a 92 or higher in honors / advanced math and science courses or a 95 or higher in regular math and science courses during the fall semester of the application year.
  2. Applications are only accepted for current Jesuit freshman, sophomores and juniors. Incoming and newly accepted students are not eligible for the program.
  • The application can only be submitted digitally through RangerNet (click on Resources).