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Tim Host
Director of Admissions
972-387-8700 x415

Why Jesuit

Our Family is Your Family

It is virtually impossible to quantify all the ways in which the untiring dedication of our students, parents, alumni, faculty, and staff has shaped our beloved School. Our legacy at Jesuit Dallas has been achieved by doing more than providing students with an exceptional, high quality curriculum. We are blessed by a community—a family— that is unparalleled in its love and understanding of what is possible because of our commitment to form men of conscience and compassion.

academically Excellent

  • 26 AP courses and the chance to earn college credit
  • Nearly 500 students recognized by the College Board in the last five years
  • Average SAT scores far exceeding the national average
  • College scholarship offers totaling over $150 million in the last five years
  • Named by Newsweek as a Top STEM school in the nation

enrichment Opportunities

  • Academic, social justice, and cultural immersion travel programs
  • One of the largest service and social justice programs in the country
  • Robust stage & film program and fine arts curriculum
  • Housing hundreds of works, the School is also a nationally-accredited, fine arts museum
  • Hosting and exchange programs in Italy, France, Mexico, and Peru

Fulfilling student experience

  • Over 100 student clubs and extracurriculars
  • One of the most historically successful athletic programs in Texas, including 127 team state championships
  • Perennial state and national contending debate program
  • World championship winning and nationally decorated robotics team
  • Extensive medical society

Formation Rooted in Faith

  • Celebration of School-wide Mass and weekly prayer service
  • Daily reflection through the Examen and morning prayer
  • Off-campus class retreats
  • Campus ministry program, including student-driven Christian Life Community
  • Wellness resource program with students, parents, and faculty (I-Days)

All Boys Advantage

  • Every aspect of the formational program is designed to respond to needs of young men
  • Students are encouraged and feel more comfortable pursuing a variety of interests
  • A learning environment that fosters camaraderie and lifelong friendships
  • An increased eagerness to learn and compete academically
  • With no girls to impress, students discover their true identity in the safety of the community

A Loving Community

  • Renowned and student-centered counseling program
  • Numerous peer leadership programs such as Big Brothers and Hope Squad
  • Devoted community of alumni and parents with a generous spirit of giving
  • Translation Service program offering support services to families where English is not a first language
  • Working through non-profit organizations, our entire community is called to minister to people in need