Why Jesuit

Are you wondering what the Jesuit Dallas Experience is like? Let our students tell you in their own words:

We provide our students with the tools to succeed...

  • 9:1 student-teacher ratio
  • Student-centered counseling program
  • Nearly 150 courses and over 100 extracurricular activities
  • 25 AP course offerings
  • Global education summer travel programs in marine biology (Grand
    Cayman, British Virgin Islands), government (Washington D.C.),
    and Mandarin (China)
  • Hosting and exchange programs in Italy, France, Mexico, and Peru
  • Housing hundreds of works by internationally-celebrated artists, the
    School’s classrooms and hallways double as an art museum

and become leaders in the classroom...

  • Average SAT scores exceed the national average by more than 300 points
  • 237 students recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program in the last five years
  • 67 National Merit Hispanic Scholars in the last five years
  • In the last five years, students have received college scholarship offers totaling over $150 million

driven by the pursuit of excellence...

  • Robust stage & film program that features major productions and
    student-directed one acts
  • Award-winning student newspaper, The Roundup
  • A perennial state and national contending debate program, which qualified a Texas record eight teams to the 2019 state championships
  • Highly decorated state championship robotics team that has received
    every award offered by FIRST; won the 2014 FIRST World Championship;
    and finished third overall at the 2017 world finals
  • Nationally recognized program in the Junior Classical League
  • Comprehensive medical society, complete with clinical rotations at area
    hospitals and an annual mission trip to a developing nation

focused on competing at the highest level...

  • 121 team state titles in athletics since 1954
  • First Texas high school to ever be invited to the USA Hockey National
    Championships; earn a spot in the lacrosse national rankings;
    and qualify for the Henley Royal Regatta (Crew)
  • First school in Texas to receive the Strength of America award by the
    President’s Council in Physical Fitness, and a recipient every year
    since 2013
  • 66 UIL district championships in 10 sports since 2004
  • In the last five years, baseball, soccer, and crew have been recognized as the top high school boys program in the country

spiritually strong...

  • Celebration of School-wide Mass and weekly prayer service
  • Daily reflection through the Examen and morning prayer
  • Off-campus class retreats
  • Campus ministry program, including student-driven Christian Life Community
  • Wellness resource program with students, parents, and faculty that explore contemporary issues through an Ignatian lens (I-Days)

to live as Men for Others.

  • Working through non-profit organizations to minister to people in need
    (i.e., the poor, hungry, or homeless; the sick or injured; the handicapped;
    the elderly or infirmed; the intellectually/academically challenged), students participate in a nationally-recognized formation program
  • Partnering with hundreds of organizations, Jesuit Dallas is the largest
    high school community service department in the State of Texas
  • Social justice immersion experiences in Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, El Paso/Jaurez, Puerto Rico, Waco, and Los Angeles
  • The first high school in the United States to sponsor an on-campus chapter of Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS), whose mission is focused on reaching out to Africans arriving in the U.S. and to those living in refugee camps in Kenya
  • Urban and poverty immersion missions locally and abroad