ASC I (2009-10)

Kurt Freund ’05, Tulsa University ’09
Jonathan Segal ’05, Boston College ’09
Matt DuRoss ’05, Loyola Marymount University ’09
Matthew Erickson ’04, Boston College ’08


By Matt Duross ’05

This year has allowed me to live simply in a way that has let me free myself from inordinate attachments, and to discover what is really important. In college it is easy to get caught up in many mindless distractions, and the ASC is an opportunity to rediscover your inner passion without being blinded by rampant materialism, all while giving back to a school that you love. Jesuit provided a solid foundation for me in college and beyond, and the ASC is a great opportunity to give back and to help establish a solid foundation for current students to build upon during a year of thanksgiving for your Jesuit education.


By Matt ERickson ’04

Spiritually, the most significant event that I have participated in as a member of the ASC has been the Kairos senior retreat. Being able to interact with students in a small group environment allowed me to get to know them in a way I never could in a classroom. It was a unique opportunity to discuss with students in private their own concerns, doubts and experiences of their faith while sharing my own experiences with them. I was blown away by the extent to which these students were willing to share about their own faith lives, the trust they put in each other which allowed them to do so, and the frankness and honesty which they approached their faith. It was, for me, a prime example of how spirituality is about conversation, the kind of conversation I sought in joining the Alumni Service Corps.


By Kurt Freund ’05

Community is perhaps the most pervasive aspect of the ASC program. One of the great things about the program is that I have been able to experience community in both the larger Jesuit school setting, and also among my ASC brothers. These relationships transcend those of peers, coworkers, or even former classmates - they are experienced in a shared sense of purpose and service unique to the ASC. Community in the ASC exceeds the bounds of 12345 Inwood Road and extends to many aspects of life. Relationships are made among fellow ASC members and former teachers alike and form the backbone of what makes the ASC so enjoyable.


By Jonathan Segal ’05

The ASC is many things, but at its heart it is a program of service. Committing to the ASC means committing to live a life of service to Jesuit for the year. It has meant giving of my time and energy not just to teach, but to fill the many needs of the Jesuit community. As ASC members, we strive to embody the ideals that are a part of being a “man for others” and enhance the Jesuit community by our participation. Serving Jesuit has been a rewarding vehicle for giving back to a community that has given us so much. Choosing to be a part of the ASC is one of the best decisions I have ever made.