ASC III (2011-12)

Ian Berry ’07, University of Texas ’11
David Pace ’07, University of Arkansas ‘11
Neil DuRoss ’07, Saint Louis University ‘11


By Ian Berry ’07

The Alumni Service Corps program has blessed me with the opportunity to continue to reflect on my vocation as an individual, in an environment free of many societal and financial pressures that so easily distort my vision of God’s calling upon my life. As a member of the ASC, I have pledged a year of service to the Jesuit community: an important part of this pledge involves a personal commitment to living simply, and making an effort to break from our culture of materialism and spend my time and money only on my most essential needs. This encouragement toward personal discipline and selflessness has made me more grateful for all that I already have, helping me to see just how much Christ has blessed my life. Whether in sharing a meal with the Jesuit priests (a weekly ASC tradition), or in simply having a conversation with a student in the hallway, the ASC experience of simplicity has shown me how much more satisfying it is to find value in others than in the things of this world.


By Neil DuRoss ’07

Life, especially college life, throws many distractions at you. It is very easy to become complacent and merely “go with the flow” of modern society, neglecting the call we were given as Jesuit students to strive to find God in all things. Committing a year of my life for the Alumni Service Corps is the perfect opportunity to rediscover my call as a graduate of Jesuit Dallas, and as a Christian, to continue striving towards being a man for and with others. In many ways this call is counter-cultural and as we grow older and busier, may not be the most popular of choices to make. However, I have come to firmly believe and realize that Jesuit’s call to be a man for others did not stop that May afternoon in McFarlin Auditorium just over four years ago. Jesuit’s mission is an ongoing process. Returning here as a member of the ASC allows me to fully immerse myself into its community, reaffirm my values and core beliefs, and to continue growing in my faith. From participating in retreats and celebrating weekly Mass with the Jesuits, to learning daily from my students making their own spiritual journey, I have been reminded to re-open my spiritual dialogue with Christ and to examine my vocation in life of being a man of faith.


By David Pace ’07

Community is one of the most enjoyable characteristics of the Alumni Service Corps program. Relationships are reborn with old friends and faculty, mentors are eager to help in or out of the classroom, and the students benefit from having someone who has been in their shoes not too long ago. The close connection between everyone makes me feel like I am a part of a close-knit family in pursuit of the Jesuit ideals of educational, spiritual, social, and personal growth. This sense of community culminates in the monthly ASC Formation Nights; among all aspects of the program, I have found the most enjoyment in formation nights, where a group of faculty members come to the ASC house for dinner and reflective discussion. This opportunity to get to know my coworkers is a rewarding aspect of the ASC program. The faculty, students, and Alumni Service Corp members are bound together based on their shared values and uniting culture, allowing an incredible atmosphere for one to grow to his fullest potential.