ASC V (2013-14)

Community — Kyle Baginski '09
The ASC Program is an opportunity to reassert oneself back into the Jesuit community after graduating four short years earlier. Due to the extreme convenience of the living arrangements of the ASC house, it takes very little effort to be a face within the Jesuit community. Whether it is attending sporting events, using the athletic performance center, or going to school, the presence of an ASC member is noticed and appreciated by the students and faculty. The main role of an ASC member within the community is to be a mentor to the young men of the school. By being at Jesuit, we are giving students the opportunity to ask us questions and get more insight into our lives and why we decided to devote a year of service back to the school. By taking on so many different opportunities, such as campus ministry, community service, athletics, and teaching, we are able to reach out to many different parts of the Jesuit community and maximize the number of students we can have an impact on.

Community not only plays a big role at the school, but also within the group of men in the program. The ASC program allows you to become extremely close with men you may not have been the closest with in high school. These relationships are what make the ASC program so unique.

Spirituality — Ben Donnelli '13
Honestly, I feel forever indebted to Jesuit for everything it did for me in my formation as a Man for Others. The Alumni Service Corps has been an awesome opportunity to give back as much as I can to the Jesuit community. At first, I solely viewed ASC as a service program, but I have come to find out it is much more than that. There are many facets to the program and it comes as no surprise that Jesuit, once again, is taking a holistic approach to develop us as members of the ASC program. One facet of the program where I have seen a lot of personal growth is Spirituality. ASC has provided us with numerous opportunities to grow spiritually, whether this be participating in the Senior Kairos retreat as a faculty small group leader, attending Mass and dinner with the Jesuits on Monday nights, or simply going to prayer services on Friday. I can truly say my relationship with God has deepened through my experiences in the ASC program over the past few months. While growth in spirituality was unexpected, it is the aspect for which I am most grateful.

Service — Ben Pace '13
The Alumni Service Corps offers a unique opportunity to live a year in service to the community that assisted in the formation of our character. The program reinvigorates the Christian selflessness that one loses in the self-centered college experience; thus, the service aspect of ASC allows the members to return and commit again to the idea of the Man for Others through our various roles around campus. The roles of an ASC member are diverse, we serve the Jesuit community as needed. Our roles range from the simple to complex, teacher to coach, mentor to role model. To say we simply fill holes is to belittle the influence, both seen and unseen, of the program. The reciprocity of service inherently present in the program illustrates how Jesuit simply keeps giving to its students – past, present, and future.