ASC X (2018-19)

Nick Byrne '14

Nick Byrne ‘14 | Texas Tech University ‘18

One of my favorite things about the ASC program is that it provides the opportunity for us to re-connect with the very community we grew up with. After leaving behind friends and family to pursue our college education, it can be easy to lose sight of some of the relationships and values that had been previously instilled within us. I would like to believe that this experience has and will continue to remind me of the things that are truly important and valuable in life. In addition to these experiences, I have the people around me, each of whom are pursuing the best possible experience for the students in their own respective ways. I have started to recognize and appreciate something about this place that I never fully realized during my time as a student. This is our end goal for Jesuit students. As a student, I saw the institution at face value, in other words, it was merely a stepping stone in my academic career. Although Jesuit does intend for everyone to get a diploma, we hope that we have already done far more than that. While providing an education, I believe that we truly aim to develop young men into the best version of themselves. Jesuit challenges its students to learn more about who they are supposed to be and how they fit into this world. Most importantly it instills the values within us that makes us the men God wants us to be. This is the best thing we can do for high school students at this point in their lives. It’s what makes Jesuit a great place to go to school and that’s why I have decided to return to this special community for a year of service.

Michael Pratt '13

Michael Pratt ‘13 | TCU ‘17

When I attended Jesuit as a high school student, the service component was by far my favorite aspect of being a Jesuit Ranger.  Taking time out of my day to help others shaped me into the person I am today.  In college, I find that students are entirely focused on themselves.  The goal is to make friends, get an education, and get a job.  While college was a formative time in my life, I always looked back fondly at my service experiences at Jesuit, wishing that I could make service a large part of my life again. The ASC program has allowed me to return to a place where I truly feel the call to help others.  From visiting our seniors at their service sites, to weekend community service, to having the privilege of doing service in El Paso, the ASC program has re-ignited my interest in community service.  I believe that a Commitment to Social Justice is the most important characteristic of the Profile of the Jesuit Graduate at Graduation because it teaches us to care about the well-being of other people at a time in our society when people tend to focus only on themselves.  I’m glad that the ASC program has provided me the opportunity to get back to serving others.

Mason Amelotte '14

Mason Amelotte ‘14 | Columbia University ‘18

Like the other tenets of the Alumni Service Corps program, spirituality strengthens the immaterial ties between man and nature. Jesuit encourages us to grow in understanding of our own unique spiritual identity and deepen the elements of our faith life most in need of rehabilitation. At Jesuit, we are challenged to question the deepest values and meanings by which we live. This fundamental aspect of the school lends itself to embarking on our own spiritual journeys, not so different from those taken by Ignatius of Loyola, Francisco Xavier, and Peter Faber. Far from perfect in my own spiritual life, I find myself in a constant state of unrest, merely going with the ebb and flow of my shifting morals and values as they are challenged over time. Embracing this spiritual turbulence at Jesuit has allowed me to feel supported by a community that encourages these kinds of faith-building moments. The opportunity to return to the familiarity of Jesuit as a young adult early in his career has been the greatest blessing, though more specifically, my favorite spiritual experience has been the weekly mass and dinner with the Jesuit priests and scholastics at their residence. Here, we come together not just to celebrate the sacrament of the Eucharist, but to also share in a meal and engage in conversation. Our discussions often circle back to old stories of our time as Jesuit students, illustrating the thread of community that binds us together. Additionally, in working collaboratively with student leaders and faculty members on senior Kairos retreats, Ignatian Service Corps projects, and weekly prayer services, I’m reminded of the many ways for me to grow my faith and deepen my spirituality.