ASC XI (2019-20)

Austin Hatton '15

Austin Hatton ‘15 | University of Oklahoma ‘19

To me, the most extraordinary aspect of Jesuit is the community. I believe the atmosphere that fills these halls is all-encompassing. Distinct and nearly indescribable, the community fostered here at Jesuit is rooted in all aspects of our lives. This is not simply a place where students come to learn who wrote The Bill of Rights or how to form a covalent bond. Jesuit is where boys grow to live for each other, and prepare to pursue careers in which their strengths intersect with their passions. My decision to return to Jesuit and serve in the ASC program was driven by a desire to give back to the community that had given so much to me. Within the over-arching community here at Jesuit exists a much smaller one in the Alumni Service Corps. This program, driven by a purpose of service and inspired by the mentorship of various faculty members, is comprised of men who share a commitment to the education of the students, to setting an example of service in the community, and to intentionally engage in their faith. My ASC brothers inspire me to work harder than I ever have, and they encourage me to see the significance of each facet of our  responsibilities. We have a unique fit in the grand scheme that is Jesuit Dallas, and I have found exactly what I desired following my college career: a refreshing reminder of what is important in life, and how imperative it is to share these values in community with others.

Patrick O'Malley '15

Patrick O'Malley ‘15 | University of Texas in Austin '19

Living in a house sponsored by Jesuit and receiving countless free meals makes “living simply” feel counterintuitive at times. However, as I continued my journey through this program, I realized that simplicity is more about living for the moment rather than materialism. I realized that all my life, my mind
has been wired in terms of thinking towards the future. However, this year, during my ASC tenure, it has been so fulfilling to spend a year completely engaged in the world right in front of me. While working at Jesuit my days were much busier than college but my mind felt clear. As my mind felt clearer, I began feeling a sense of purpose because I concentrated only on the environment in front of me. The ASC program has given me a sense of duty and purpose that has made me feel infinitely more confident in what my life should be about. Up to this point, I have spent so much time fixated on the world ahead of me that the world in front of me was blurred and ignored. Here at Jesuit, I find fulfillment in even the smallest of interactions because I know my head and my heart are completely invested. Thinking simply has been a priceless gift the ASC program grants me day in and day out.

Juan Martin Day '15

Juan Martin Day '15 | Spring Hill College ‘19

Despite attending Jesuit schools for the past eight years, I did not consider spirituality as a distinctive attribute. However, of the three ASC pillars, I find it now resonating within me the most. The ASC program calls each one of us to connect with God through community. This year has undoubtedly been busy, but Jesuit invites us to pause and live through prayer with a multi-leveled approach. Individually, I find myself halting mid-day for the Examen, allowing the Holy Spirit to enter my life to recall events and feelings throughout my day. Communally, I draw closer towards the light of Jesus by engaging with  students at Kairos retreats, facilitating a kindling in their own faith. Celebrating weekly Mass and sharing words with the Jesuits over dinner encourages us to open our minds. Monthly formation nights with mentors promote further spiritual discussion and reflection. The program makes it easier for me to find God in all things, especially in the little things. I have built a sense of spirituality through introspection and through the bonds newly created with students, faculty, and other members of the Jesuit community. The members reciprocate an unconditional love and acceptance towards each other, allowing us to establish our own identities. This program catalyzes discernment with God in my quest to find purpose in life, knowing that
I am called to act and serve for a greater good.