ASC XII (2020-21)

Ben DeBauge ’16

Ben DeBauge ’16 | Trinity University ’20

As an ASC member, I am fortunate enough to engage with Jesuit spirituality again. I’ve never really thought of myself as a spiritual person, but coming back to an environment built on Jesuit principles and Ignatian Spirituality has taught me to be more open to the spiritual side of Jesuit. Participating in faculty retreats, connecting with the Jesuits on campus, and doing the Examen every day has reminded me of the benefits of a healthy spiritual life. I feel better knowing that I have these opportunities to explore my spirituality on a deeper level than just weekly Mass. As an ASC member, I get to work with the seniors on Wednesdays, and I am reminded that Catholic Social Teaching goes hand in hand with Jesuit service.
On a personal level, the reflective nature of Jesuit spirituality has allowed me to hear God’s call to service, and consider what my future will hold. In a year swirling with chaos and uncertainty, this reflection has allowed me to find moments of quiet to help me stay grounded and focused through everything.

Sean Rilley ’16

Sean Rilley ’16 | Fordham University ’20

The greatest gift of simplicity for me is the opportunity to be fully present in my own life. The ASC experience grants a year to live unburdened by modern stresses like rent or exams while also providing for our basic needs, which allows for the time and mental bandwidth to pursue the Ignatian model of indifference: a life detached from the ways of the world and committed only to that which serves God. I noticed that as the burdens of worry and desire diminished, it became easier to search for, and find, God in all things. I began finding extraordinary meaning in daily chess games with students, my time assisting with service on Wednesdays, and even the five-minute walk to school. With fewer barriers, witnessing the way God moves through the world is easy, and His expectations become clear as well. My roles throughout the school vary, but I recognize that in each capacity, my goal is the same: to enable those around me to see the way that God moves in them, which is not as hard as it sounds. Simplicity facilitates an open heart and an approach to life free of ego or agenda other than that of serving God and others – it is about being present. I am blessed to have this opportunity to relearn this lesson before heading out into the world.

Garrett Alldredge ’16

Garrett Alldredge ’16 | Sam Houston State University ’20

The Jesuit community has been a part of my life since fall of 2012 when I first stepped foot on campus as a wide-eyed freshman not knowing where I fit in to all the craziness of a very active high school. Since that day, I have learned that my place in the Jesuit community, like many before me, is in the service of others. The Jesuit faculty has helped me every step of the way in this process. Now as a faculty member myself, I have gotten to foster the same growth in students that are now a part of the Jesuit community. As a member of the ASC program, this year I have gotten to see every aspect of the Jesuit community. One of the best aspects of the program is living in an intentional community with the two other members of the ASC program. Living intentionally and simply like this has helped all of us to encourage each other and inspire one another daily. I know that after this experience is over, I will do my best to help and stay connected with the Jesuit community for the rest of my life, because this Jesuit community is part of my family.