Jesuit Dallas has been educating young men of conscience, competence, and compassion since 1942, and our approach to educating students builds on a Jesuit tradition that began when Ignatius of Loyola founded the first Jesuit high school in 1548. Ignatius later became a saint, and the schools that the Jesuit order have opened since then have come to be known for their commitment to educating the whole student with an eye towards training students to be, in the words of our Profile of the Jesuit Graduate at Graduation, open to growth, religious, committed to doing works of social justice, loving, intellectually competent, and physically fit.

The Celebration Auction began at Jesuit Dallas in 1984 with the mission of building the endowment in order to benefit the faculty and student body, while providing an affordable and quality Ignatian education. Admission to Jesuit has always been open to academically qualified young men of all faiths and denominations, without regard to race, national origin, or ability to pay. The Celebration Auction is one of the most important events on the School calendar, as its outcomes lessen the financial burden for underserved members of our community, and helps ensure that the Jesuit experience remains available for all.

Since its inaugural year, the Auction has raised over $15 million in support of tuition assistance, while the event attracts over 200 enthusiastic volunteers and approximately 1,000 attendees each year.