2018 Auction Leadership

Thank you to all who give of their time for such a worthy cause.

“Teach us to give and not to count the cost.” — St. Ignatius of Loyola



Jill Reagor Smith

Pat Sayers

Big Board
Jennifer Corrigan
Christine Reagan Loh

Car Raffle
Angela Jackson
Becky Foster
Mimi Naquin

Margaret and Erik Fulkerson

Casino - Auction Night
Carla Bispe
Cecilia Ortez

Christmas Bazaar

Christmas Brunch
Mary Anne Walters
Liz Williamson

Class Gifts

Christine Cook
Mary Beth Weinberger

Father Son Casino
Amy Moini Rodriquez
Tina Vielma Morales
Susy Smith

Favors & Gifts
Lisa Raskin

Follow Up
Kristi Dow
Suzette Parrish

Gift Gathering
Lillian Curran
Annette Weidenfeller
Angie Speer
Cata Cooper

Bobbye Sumner
Stacey Wilkins

Inventory Control
Ellen Elbaor
DeAnna Weilert

Inventory Input
Julie Day

Jesuit Collectibles
Farah Ashmore
Claire Moore
Heather Towns
Julie Young

Ladies Bingo

Kimberly Woodard

Dolores Kelly

Party Hosts
Audrey and Dan Tinker
Janet and Fred Devereux
Angela and Fred Jackson



Set Up
Ann Pask
Janet Devereux

Christel Morrison

Canee Schmidt

Travel Board

Mindy Foerster

Volunteers Auction Night
Rebecca and Brad Brown


Past Honorary & Auction Chairs

1984 Celebration Auction

Carolyn Marquez
Carolyn Specks

1985 Celebration Auction

Louise Ford
Cathy Vance

1986 Celebration Auction

Mary Lee Duda
Dianna Unis

1987 Celebration Auction

Ellen Grimes
Jan Cook

1988 Steppin’ Out

ulie Hubach
Mary Wilbert

1989 Fandango

Nancy Murphy
Jane Costello

1990 The Sting

Pam Clements
Diane Smith

1991 SS Celebration

Nancy McLochlin
Maureen Kuntz

1992 Under the Big Top

Marianne Staubach
Lori Meyers
Ann Wilson

1993 Jubilee

Vicki Edge
Grace Burkhart
Patti Crumley

1994 Artist’s Ball

Sharon Spalding
Ann Clancy
Julie Redmond

1995 Texas Tux and Two Step

Ann Clancy
Sheila Jameson
Julie Redmond

1996 Vienna

Sheila Jameson
Kay Copp

1997 Oz

Kay Copp
Anne Bellows
Debby Trippet

1998 Rock’n Roll

Julie Redmond
Judy Ordemann
Susan Lee
Betty Farha

1999 Camelot

Lynn Adamic
Paula Higgins
Joan Nolan

2000 Hollywood

Jacqueline Costanza
Rose Haberberger

2001 New York, NY

Mary Ackels
Traci Hummel

2002 Treasures of the Orient

Jan Deck
Susan Haddad

2003 British Invasion

Molly Schroepfer
Mary Ann Rallo

2004 La Vita e Bella!

Mary Ann Rallo
Mary Linn Clifford

2005 Passage to Paradise

Mary Ann McNally
Ann Hubach
Mersina Stubbs

2006 Journey on the Orient Express

Mary Linn Clifford
Trudy Wright

2007 Secrets of Atlantis

Susan Haddad
Joan Kessler

2008 Safari Soiree

Cheryl Joyner
Kathy Davis Williams

2009 Viva Espana

Natalie Devero
Tina Noah

2010 A Greek Odyssey

Lynette Mentesana
Margaret Shouse

2011 Noir et Blanc Masquerade

Lillian Curran
Pat Sayers

2012 An Evening in Wine Country

Jackie Costanza
Debbie Bradshaw

2013 Run for the Roses

Christine Buckley
Patty Bellinger

2014 Gatsby Gala

Patty Bellinger
Annette Weidenfeller

2015 Monte Carlo

Laura Curran
Florence Regan

2016 Deep in the Heart of Texas

Stacey Wilkins

2017 #JesuitRocksOn

Jessica Burrow, Arlene Kirkland

2018 Lights, Camera, Auction

Lisa Raskin

2019 All Aboard!

Mary Anne Walters