Endowment Initiatives

Endowments and scholarships strengthen our ability to respond more fully to families' financial needs, encourage innovation and flexibility, and ensure that high-level programing remains available to students seeking an excellent educational experience.

[Michael A. Earsing
Presidential Scholarships]

The ability to offer merit-based academic scholarships to incoming and current students has enhanced Jesuit’s appeal as a preferred destination for the area’s top aspiring scholars. Thanks to the extraordinary vision of Holly and Mike Davis ’83, a program has been initiated that allows Jesuit Dallas to effectively compete with our academic peers for the best students in our community through annually renewable scholarships to our highest-achieving scholars.


[Student Experience]

Becoming a student is just the first step to experiencing the full breadth of a Jesuit education. From service immersion opportunities to robotics, tuition does not cover the cost of every program, specifically experiences requiring travel and specialized equipment needs. The School strives to foster an environment where students are able to select extracurricular pursuits based on passions, and without additional burden to our families, many that are without financial flexibility.




[Academic and Extracurricular Programs]

In addition to offering nearly 130 courses in subjects ranging from filmmaking to marine biology, nearly every student participates in at least one of the School’s 100+ extracurricular offerings, which includes nationally reputable programs in robotics, debate, and athletics, as well as a vigorous medical society and the most comprehensive service and justice program in Texas. Through gifts to the endowment, we ensure the vitality of our curricular and extracurricular programs.


[Faculty and Staff Development]

There are few things as critical as our investment in the educators who are entrusted to the formation of our students. In addition to enabling Jesuit to compete in recruiting, retaining, and rewarding our strongest faculty and staff during employment and through retirement, endowed funds provide for training, tools, and systems that improve performance and evaluative techniques; assist in creating resources for current and new faculty and staff positions; and help Jesuit remain mission-centered with a predominantly lay work force.




[Tuition Assistance Endowments]

Ensuring that Jesuit remains accessible to all qualified students regardless of financial circumstance is core to our mission and our most noble endeavor. We are making a concerted push for endowment funds that provide full and half-tuition scholarships for our students. In addition, you can contribute to the general endowment fund that already exists to support tuition assistance. These endowments will result in opportunities for current and future students while donors hear directly from the young men who benefit from their generosity.