The Vision

Ad Ma·jo·rem
noun \ äd-mä-ˈyȯr-ˌem \
a Jesuit phrase meaning "for the greater." It is taken from Ad majorem Dei gloriam, the Latin motto of the Society of Jesus which translates to "for the greater glory of God."



"The specific goals of Ad Majorem: The Campaign for Jesuit Dallas, ensure the continuation of our promise that no qualified student is denied admission based on financial circumstance; that the student experience is rigorous and full of enriching opportunities; that our facilities inspire and encourage the pursuit of excellence; and that each young man is cared for and supported by extraordinary faculty who remain mission centered. I am grateful for all our community has done and will continue to do in support of our young men.

Our ability to fully realize our mission of shaping the minds and hearts of those who will impact the world requires unprecedented generosity, and I am eternally grateful for the difference that our community’s love, care, and meaningful support continues to make in the lives of our students."

- Michael A. Earsing, President


Campaign Leadership Committee

Michael A. Earsing

William L. Antes II
Executive Director - Jesuit Foundation

John A. Wensinger '77

John A. Gates '83

Joelle Abi-Habib
Edwin S. Bell, Jr.
Christopher T. Cook, Sr. '86
Aimee B. Griffiths
Joseph D. Hafertepe, Sr. '78
Cheryl L. Joyner
Dominic G. Koeijmans '79
Eleanor D. Landon

Douglas J. Lattner '69
Frank W. Marshall, Jr. '83
Dr. Robert E. Morgan, Jr. '71
John W. Morsbach III '88
John J. Sabine, Jr.
Alex Soich '04
Jeff R. Staubach '93
Michael F. Terry