The Financial Aid Committee tries to help each family in terms of the request they made and their need as determined by the information provided by parents and by the FACTS Financial Aid Assessment report. The School’s funds are limited so we cannot always grant all that was requested, but we try to assist as many families as possible. If you have any questions about the grant, please contact Cathy Mullin in the school’s finance office, ext. 316 or

1. Every Work Grant Student must schedule his Work Grant hours with Rob McGhee, Work Grant Coordinator. If you have any questions about the Work Grant program, please contact Mr. McGhee at ext. 311 or

2. It is important that students awarded financial aid recognize the generosity of the many people who make it possible for them to attend Jesuit. We require that each student write a thank you note to express their appreciation. The thank you note should be personal and sincere. You may describe what Jesuit means to you or the activities you are involved in at the School. The thank you note will be reviewed and must be a minimum of 60 words.

3. I acknowledge and agree to the terms of the financial aid award.

Once the agreement has been accepted and submitted with an electronic signature, the FACTS tuition agreement will be adjusted by the amount of the financial aid. The Work Grant portion of the award will be adjusted as the hours are worked, approved and submitted to the finance office.