Fine Arts

Tuxedo Information

Tuxedos are required for all orchestra performances.

Jesuit will issue the following to all orchestra students
  1. Tuxedo jacket
  2. Bow tie
  3. Cummerbund
  4. Suit bag

Students are asked to provide their own

  1. Black dress pants
  2. Black dress shoes
  3. Black socks
  4. Tuxedo shirt

Specifications for the tuxedo shirt are as follows:

  1. White (NOT ivory) with white buttons
  2. Buttoned cuffs (cufflinks not required)
  3. Wing tipped collar
  4. Flat front pleats

Tux shirts are available for purchase in most men’s wear stores in the Dallas area or online. International Suit Wearhouse sells them for $19.95. (See website below for locations. Call to check for availability.)