Stage & Film

Stage & Film

WELCOME TO OUR WORLD! Arts education is an essential component of human growth and intellectual development. Performing arts, such as Stage and Film, contribute to the total formation of the adolescent and are an integral part of high school level education, both in artistic and human terms. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

Theater is a special place driven by the joy of true self-expression and the freedom that creativity provides. We come together as one, we are all in, we master our fears, revel in artistry and rejoice in accomplishing our goal; to serve as men and women for others through our art. 

A major goal of the theater is to provide the study of human and social behavior as learning experience, which will encourage and help adolescents during this period of change, building upon the student’s experiences, beliefs and learning into a community of creative thinking. Both Stage and Film offer diverse creative opportunities for self-expression, and tools to strengthen self-knowledge, collaboration skills and master the fears associated not only with performance, but with public speaking, interviews, oral examinations and many other experiences they will face as they grow.

Each year, there are up to seven theater productions at Jesuit, including three major shows (Fall, Spring, and Student Directed and Written One-Acts festival), a Senior end-of-the-year showcase, a Theater Arts class play and two Prayer Service special offerings for Christmas and Lent season. From Shakespeare to Farce, Dramas and Comedies, Jesuit theater offers something for everyone. The Filmmaking class offers the opportunity to create, record and edit your own film using our own cameras, sound and light equipment, and Mac computer software.

We also provide an outstanding Technical Theater program that includes a full scene shop and the use of power tools to build sets, and opportunities for designing, working as stagehands, sound and light board operators, costumes, props and composing music for theater. Our newly renovated, top of the class theater offers new lighting and sound systems that rivals or exceeds any stage in the DWF area, with 26 intelligent lights instruments amongst other high-tech fixtures.

Jesuit supports these activities with a broad curricular offering, including Theater Arts, Acting, Filmmaking, Stagecraft, Writing for Film & Theater, and Directing for Theater. This is your world, your special place.