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Stage & Film

For almost five hundred years, theater has played a vital role in the curricula of Jesuit schools. Today—in Dallas—Jesuit Theater builds on that tradition by offering a broad range of opportunities for students.

Each year, there are four major productions at Jesuit. We have recently performed a Greek tragedy, a Shakespearean comedy, a French absurdist play, a Victorian comedy, and numerous contemporary American dramas.

Another important aspect of our program is the Drama Troupe. This group of seniors performs at local middle schools on a weekly basis as a part of Jesuit’s Community Service Program. The Drama Troupe writes and directs its own shows, aiming to educate kids about topics including how to do well in high school and how to treat others with respect and dignity.

We also have an oustanding Technical Theater program that includes a full scene shop and a comedy improv troupe that meets on a weekly basis.

Jesuit supports these activities with a broad curricular offering, including Theater Arts, Stage Acting, Stagecraft, and Directing for Theater.

Our theater program is robust, unpretentious, and open to all students. We encourage you to come be a part of Jesuit Theater.

Carlos Acevedo

Carlos Acevedo