Challenge Drive

I know this has been a difficult year for many of our families due to the global health crisis, however, I am writing you today to ask for your participation in this year’s annual Parents’ Challenge Drive. For over a half-century, we as parents have joined together
to raise funds in support of our sons’ education, and we are thankful for your continued partnership and support of the Jesuit Dallas mission, particularly at this time. Though the student body is a diverse group of young men, I imagine the reasons our sons attend are similar, and rooted in the Jesuit tradition of educating the whole person – mind, body, and soul. No other high school combines the preparation to succeed in college and beyond with a lifelong brotherhood and an emphasis on service to others

Core to the mission is maintaining the School’s ability to keep Jesuit accessible for all, regardless of financial circumstances. To keep this promise, Jesuit works to suppress the cost of tuition while providing financial aid to roughly 25% of all students. Because Jesuit maintains a tuition level significantly below our academic peers, the actual cost to educate our sons exceeds tuition by an amount referred to as the GAP.

This year the GAP between tuition and the cost of a Jesuit education is $2,320 per student. At the beginning of each academic year we reach out and ask you to do whatever you can to bridge this GAP. We are tremendously grateful for each and every Jesuit family for supporting the School at whatever amount is within your means.

What matters is that we fill the GAP. These funds are critical to the annual operations of the School, and support new and innovative academic programming, facilities, and extracurricular opportunities. Our ability to successfully complete the Challenge Drive strengthens the overall opportunity afforded to our student body and keeps Jesuit competitive in its pursuit for the best and brightest students.

Every family and student is impacted by the Challenge Drive, so please, this year more than ever, give thoughtful consideration to what you can contribute. The recent events of the world have been devastating, and in the midst of this crisis, even more families are relying on our support. In many ways, this is our most important Challenge Drive ever, and we are deeply grateful for your generosity.

Best regards,

Gordon Law (Nick ’21)

Challenge Drive Chair