Challenge Drive

Jesuit Dallas has built a tradition of educating well rounded young men while developing them into “Men for Others.” As parents, we send our sons to Jesuit for a variety of reasons, but with the common expectation that Jesuit will provide the academic rigor, spiritual development, and physical and artistic opportunities that instill within our sons the characteristics of a Jesuit graduate. While Jesuit’s mission is to provide these opportunities, parents must partner with the School in providing the financial resources to make this happen every year.

The Challenge Drive is a parent-led appeal to parents of current students which helps bridge the financial gap between what Jesuit receives in tuition and what it takes to actually educate our boys. While the Drive’s focus is to cover the school’s annual operational costs, it still directly benefits every Jesuit student by keeping the base tuition cost down and creating the opportunity for many boys to be at Jesuit that otherwise might not be able to attend. In addition to providing an exceptional academic experience, the annual operating budget supports 116 clubs, sports teams and extracurricular activities. Nearly 100% of students participate in at least one of these activities, ranging from football and bowling to debate, stage and film and so many other meaningful programs.

The Challenge Drive aims to top last year's amount of $1.4 million raised for the 2019-20 school year. We would like parents to consider a donation at or above the Gap ($2,240), but we understand that this is not always possible. Our goal is that 100% of families participate in a personally significant way. Regardless of size, all contributions are appreciated and are fully tax-deductible. Gifts may be made in a one-time donation or in installments.  As always, gifts are eligible for company matches, so please be sure and check with your company’s program to match your donation.

I am honored to serve as chairman of the Challenge Drive this year and look forward to helping Jesuit fulfill its mission to our boys. Thank you and go Rangers!

Joe Corrales ’88

Giving Levels

The school encourages complete participation in the Challenge Drive by offering benefits in addition to entry into the following giving societies:

Jesuit Sponsor - Up to $2,239

The GAP - $2,240

President's Club - $3,000
Donors who give at this level receive an invitation to the President's Reception.

Double GAP - $4,480
In addition to receiving the President's Club benefits, donors receive an Activities Pass allowing free admission to all home athletic events and theater productions at Jesuit Dallas.

St. Peter Claver Society - $7,500
In addition to receiving the Double GAP benefits, donors will be invited to a School Mass in the Spring followed by a catered reception. 

St. Peter Canisius Society - $15,000
In addition to receiving the Claver Society benefits donors will be invited to the annual Canisius dinner party with Mike Earsing and Tom Garrison.

St. Francis Xavier Society -$25,000
In addition to receiving the Canisius Society benefits, donors will receive up to 10 reserved seats for Christmas Eve Mass. 

St. Aloysius Gonzaga Society - $50,000
In addition to receiving the Xavier Society benefits donors will be listed in the St. Aloysius Gonzaga, S.J. Lifetime Giving Society and will be invited to a private dinner with Kathy and Mike Earsing.


Drive Chair: Joe Corrales ‘88 (Jack '20)
Drive Co-Chair: Gordon Law (Nick '21)

Class of 2020 Chairs

Curtis Ideker (JP '11, Hank '11, Joe '20)
Doug Dormer (Jackson '18, George '20)
Jeffrey Yarckin (Brandon '20)
Robert Thoele (Connor '20, Brendan ‘23)
Joe Corrales ’88 (Jack '20)
Phil Blase (Mike ’18, John ’20)
Ted Eades (William ’20)

Class of 2021 Chairs

Rob Ernst (Reagan '19, Holland '21)
Tim Norris (William '19, Michael '21)
Craig Lengyel (Alex '17, Ryan '21)
Scott Hassell (Grayson '18, Tristan '21
Gordon Law (Nick '21)
Jud Clements ’92 (Charlie '21)
Michael Neri (Carson '21, Marshall '21)
Patrick Schurr’ 82 (Ryan '21)
Geoff Henrion ’84 (William ’17, Samuel ’21)

Class of 2022 Chairs

Alan Butz (Zackary ’18, Dylan ’20, Blake ’22)
Michael Savage ’83 (Thomas ’22)
Tim Schnitzius ’82 (Philip ’17, Nicolas ’19, Daniel ’22)
Joel Sharp ’87 (Jack ’22)
John Mina (William ’22)
Keith Boling (Nicholas ’22)
Thomas Allred (Ryan ’22)
Michael Markey (Luke ’19, Christian ’22)
Brad Lee (Mason ’22)
Howard Hambleton (Hastings '22)

Class of 2023 Chairs

Barrett Bruce (Travis ’23)
Charlie Humbert ’87 (Charlie ’23) 
Greg Zemanek (Victor ’19, Willis ’23)
Chris Gibbons ’89 (Blake ’21, Dylan ’23)
Stephen Schmidt (Charlie ’23
Tony Lucido ’84 (Anthony ’23) 
Ryan Miller (Blake ’23
Cameron Dime (Kyle ’23
Steve French (Hayden ’23


What is the Challenge Drive?

The purpose of the Challenge Drive is to cover the GAP between tuition and the actual cost to educate a student for the 2019-20 academic year without sacrificing the breadth and quality of our academic and extracurricular programs.

Why does the school ask us for contributions in addition to what we already send to the school in tuition and fees?

Consistent with our mission, and to be as accessible as possible, Jesuit Dallas offers a transformational education at an intentionally lower tuition rate than most of our academic peers. Charitable gifts raised in support of the Challenge Drive are designed to bridge the financial GAP ($2,240) between tuition income and actual operating costs of the School. Gifts to Jesuit Dallas are tax-deductible and enable programs and opportunities beyond those covered by tuition alone.

Why doesn't the school charge enough to cover operating costs?

Jesuit strives to maintain tuition at a level that enables families of every socio-economic level the ability to provide a Catholic education for their child while continuing to provide academic excellence.

Why should I give?

There are many opportunities to support Jesuit, however Challenge Drive is the primary fundraising opportunity of the year for current parents and is vital to the annual operating budget. Gifts to Jesuit College Prep are tax-deductible and enable programs and opportunities beyond those covered by tuition alone.

What if I can’t afford to contribute the full GAP?

A goal of the Drive is to have every family participate in a personally significant way. Jesuit relies on the generosity of parents who are able to contribute at whatever amount is within their means.

Can we make a gift to a specific purpose?

The Annual Giving Fund seeks to provide unrestricted gifts as a budget relieving mechanism. If you would like to make an additional gift to an established Endowment you are interested in supporting, please speak to a Gift Officer.

How much have others given?

Jesuit requests as many parents as possible to give the GAP ($2,240) or higher. For parents with multiple students, we ask you to remember that the GAP ($2,240) is determined on a per-student basis. That said, all gifts are appreciated, and we ask all parents to be generous as their means allow.

Is our gift tax-deductible?

All contributions are fully tax-deductible.

When do I make my pledge?

Pledge anytime between now and Challenge Drive Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019 which celebrates the end of the drive. You may mail in your pledge card or pledge online here. Parent volunteers will also be calling you between now and Oct. 6 to seek your participation.

What is Challenge Drive Sunday?


Challenge Drive Sunday (October 6, 2019) celebrates the end of the drive and brings parents together to reach 100% participation. If you have not made your pledge by Challenge Drive Sunday, a volunteer will call you to request your pledge card.

Still have questions?

Contact Joelle Abi-Habib ( / 972-387-8700 x 335) or Trent Stephens ( / 972-387-8700 x277)