Hello friends,

Attending Jesuit Dallas is an honor and a privilege that is only possible because of the faithful generations of families who have given and continue to give generously to the School’s mission. Jesuit is a place that sends men into the world with character, a heart for God, and an understanding of the value of humble service to others.

Our boys and family were new to the Jesuit community and the first impression was one of welcoming and acceptance. We were amazed at how quickly they were integrated into the culture and how energized they were to support all things Jesuit. The four-fold impact touched every area of their lives: academic, social, spiritual, and athletics.

Learning through their fellow “brothers” and being encouraged to work together broadened their perspective and empathy. Both of our boys found they were far more capable than they realized, and that they could achieve in places they would have otherwise avoided. They gained a vision of what they could be in four short years, and beyond, as they launched into adulthood. Jesuit was an integral part in preparing our sons for the next stages of their lives.

The unique and diverse group of young men at Jesuit come from every corner of the metroplex. The fabric of Jesuit is only possible as we remain committed to accepting and supporting those who have all the qualities, desire, and character to be a Jesuit Ranger, but simply cannot afford the full tuition. The minute we lose that spirit of acceptance and the heart to provide that gift to those who deserve it, we are no longer fully serving God and man the way we are called.

It is a blessing to support the School that has profoundly affected our families and helped turn our boys into men. We all feel the financial pressure created by a challenging economy, and this potentially creates an even larger divide for those who aspire to receive a Jesuit education. Those of us who have already benefitted the most must remain committed financially by whatever amount is within our means to support those who come behind us. We are grateful for those who paid it forward years ago for the benefit of our boys; now it is our turn! Please join us by participating in the More Than Four annual appeal, and the transformational difference it creates for so many young men.


Meredith and Chris Messick
Parents of Ryan ’20 and Drew ’21