Although our children have all graduated from Jesuit, we recognize that we were blessed with the opportunity to send them to this well-formed community because of the generosity of those who came before us. We are grateful for the vision and resources that have enabled Jesuit Dallas to grow into one of the best secondary schools in the country, and feel a sense of responsibility to ensuring that this life-changing experience remains available for all young men of achievement and character.

We sent all three of our sons to Jesuit, and while the experience impacted each of them differently, there are important common themes. Chief among these was an embrace of the mission as Men for Others. Jesuit inculcated in our boys a love of learning and seeking truth, with a commitment to serving others and finding the higher path at a time when our culture does not always honor those values.  Jesuit as a community of teachers, coaches, counselors and alumni was there for them at a very formative time in their lives, and continues to impact each one of them years later.

Like many, we take our charitable giving seriously, and we invest each year in areas which fit the specific missions we feel called to serve. More Than Four is an annual appeal that reminds us that there are few investments as rewarding as a great, faith-based education that considers, as Pope Francis has said, “head, heart and hands.” We are honored to contribute to this important appeal. We hope you will consider it as well.


Kathleen and Gary Bedard
Parents of Jonathan ’12, Matthew ’14, and Timothy ’17