Why More Than Four? Because it’s not just about the years your son, grandson, nephew, or neighbor took part in their own life-changing experience at Jesuit Dallas. It’s a call to ensure that a Jesuit education remains accessible to all young men of achievement and character. It’s an investment in our future, as Jesuit graduates make the world a better place.

Our son had a lot of friends and good teachers growing up, but when he enrolled at Jesuit Dallas, he became part of a lifetime community driven by a mission to affect change. The relationships were distinctly special; the support, wonderfully unique. Jesuit is not just a name and a place. It’s a family.

More Than Four is an annual appeal to support Jesuit’s mission long after your loved ones have had their hearts and minds changed forever; past a time when they were first able to look at the hungry, the poor, the marginalized, and the oppressed with new eyes. We believe that the gift of a great education— grounded in the values that Jesuit embodies—is the single most important gift you can give a child, and we ask that you please join us as partners in this important work.

Very truly yours,
Cheryl and Richard Joyner
Parents of Rob ’06