Class of 2020

Over the last 480 years, the Society of Jesus has educated saints, popes, presidents, artists, scientists, and future parents, preparing them to meet the challenges of their times and to find God in all things during periods of conflict, peace, plague, exploration, and societal change. Our sons of the Jesuit Dallas Class of 2020 embark on their adult lives in the middle of a global pandemic and into a world with staggering social, economic, and environmental challenges.

We can think of no better preparation for this uncertain world than a Jesuit education. Beyond preparing them for the workplace of the 21st century, Jesuit Dallas has taught our young men to explore timeless questions: How do I know who I’m supposed to be? How can I face suffering? How can I be a good friend? How do I love?

We knew Jesuit Dallas had prepared our son Will academically, but in just a few short weeks at college, we can already see how well it has also equipped him with the courage and confidence to be a Man for Others. We think ourcountry and our world is a better place when more young people have this same preparation and feel this same responsibility. For this reason, we continue to support the mission of Jesuit Dallas.

We hope that you too will stay connected to the Jesuit Dallas community for More Than Four years and join us to help ensure that Jesuit Dallas will continue to inspire future generations of young men to serve our world as Men for Others.


Matt and Julie Nickols Parents of Will ’20