Class of 2021

Our son, Andrew, summarized it best by explaining, “Jesuit has taught me to be open to new ideas, challenge myself mentally and physically, and given me a burning desire to go out into the world and create a difference for the good of humanity. The academic experience has been challenging but also rewarding. Because of Jesuit I am confidently prepared for the future, and more importantly, I have learned what it means to be a Man for Others.”

From our experience, Jesuit is a family of individual teachers, coaches, students, and administrators who not only cared about our son’s academic success, but also loved him. Jesuit offers many different and formative opportunities for our boys, including unique academic programs, sports, clubs, immersion travel experiences, and a commitment to service both locally and across the globe. This wholistic approach to improving and growing the mind, body, and soul of boys and helping them grow into amazing young men is what sets Jesuit apart.

Nearly 30% of the student body relies on financial assistance, and the burden caused by rising costs in education and the ongoing impact of the pandemic has increased the need to provide for underserved families and ensure a Jesuit education for all qualified students. With all of the divisions in our society today, we urge the building of bridges to make our community, country, and world a better place and we believe a Jesuit education can be an important part of this effort. Andrew has made life-time friends and graduated from Jesuit fully prepared for college and his future. Despite the pandemic, which prevented Andrew from experiencing all of the traditions Jesuit’s young men look forward to, his experience was great, and I know that many of your sons have also been transformed by Jesuit’s timeless mission. The impact of Jesuit is More Than Four years, and we hope you will join us in this endeavor to keep Jesuit available and affordable for all.

Eileen and Jeff Sherman
Parents of Andrew ’21