Class of 2022

Hello friends,

It’s been wonderful to know that after four years at Jesuit, our son, Hayden, was able to begin the next phase in life’s journey as a well-prepared college student. Jesuit challenged Hayden academically, and because of those rigors, he has been fully ready to embrace the demands of his collegiate studies.

And while we are proud of our son’s achievements in the classroom, we recognize that he gained so much more from his Jesuit experience. From Hayden’s first days on campus through graduation, Jesuit instilled a servant-leader mindset that has become an important part of who he is today. Additionally, he has made life-long friends who not only share in the responsibility of being Men for Others, but friends we know will always be there when friendship is needed most.

We are proud to partner with Jesuit Dallas in the More Than Four appeal, which reminds us that we will be forever part of a special community of alumni and families whose guiding purpose is to make a positive difference in the world. Over 30% of all current students receive financial aid, and a significant number of those students would not be able to attend Jesuit without the generous support of parents, both present and past.

Having seen the benefits of the Jesuit experience on our son and many other young men, we are determined to help ensure that all qualified students of character have the same opportunity, regardless of financial means. We hope you can affirm the transformational impact of the Jesuit experience and ask you to please join us in keeping Jesuit accessible, and for helping to produce future generations of competent and compassionate leaders.

Laura and Scott Moore
Parents of Hayden ’22