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Nominated by his peers for being an “awesome, sincere, and inclusive leader,” Nathan Reis has been named Ranger of the Week. As a member of the Ignatius Loyola cohort, Nathan is a member of the first group to provide service at the Trinity River Audubon Society in the current format. His positive attitude and commitment to the trail cleanup has inspired his peers to share in his passion for the environment and been noted by the on-site staff. 

Nathan, who served as a small group leader at the freshman retreat this fall, also made an impression while participating in the El Paso/Juarez “Encuentro” Border Service & Immersion program last year. Said one faculty member, “I was impressed by Nathan’s level of preparation heading into the program and his energy and enthusiasm in engaging very challenging Catholic Social Teaching concepts. He demonstrated a sincere desire to better understand the complexities of the immigration crisis and created a space in which all felt welcome to share and participate in the conversation.”

Nathan was our Ranger of the Week from Oct. 13 - 20, 2020