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Angel Guevara is truly one-of-a-kind. With an infectious spirit that permeates the student body, he sets an example for everyone with whom he comes into contact. An outstanding student who has been named a National Hispanic Scholar by the College Board, Angel is best known for his long list of activities, service leadership, and care and encouragement of his fellow students.

One nomination shared, “Angel brings so much kindness, depth, and strength to the Jesuit community. His ever-present smile and readiness to engage in conversation are gifts to all who know him.”

Angel tutors at McShan Elementary School in Dallas where he works one on one and in small groups supporting students whose parents are refugees and was a leader at Hillcrest House and Manna for Others, where he prepared meals to low-income families. A member of the Pastoral Familiar Youth Group, he is also in the engineering club, gaming club, chess club, book club, multicultural society, and competes in wheelchair basketball.

“Angel is the definition of perseverance,” read another nomination. “I consider him to be one of those ‘humble warriors’ that keep going even when the going gets tough. He is also an extraordinary tutor and mentor, and his impact is readily seen both on campus and in the community.”

Congratulations to Ranger of the Week, Angel Guevara.