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If there was more time in the day, sophomore Beckett Mundorff would certainly find a way to fill it. Praised by faculty and students alike for his kindness, sharp sense of humor, and infectious positive energy, Beckett has modeled the tenet of “open to growth” and continues to avail himself of all the opportunities that Jesuit offers.

Like most Jesuit students, Beckett pushes himself academically with a schedule full of AP and honors courses, but his commitment outside of the classroom seems to have no bounds as he has participated in three varsity sports, the car club, the MAGIS mentoring program for middle school students, the 24/7 sophomore leadership & service organization, and is a member of the Spanish Honor Society. 

“Beckett recently helped with a prayer service, was selected for the Guatemala immersion program, completed the Waco poverty immersion experience, and serves as a student ambassador,” enthusiastically shared one of his teachers. “On top of all that he is one of the kindest and most sincere students in the school. Just today at lunch, I watched as he went out of his way to sit with and make the visiting eighth graders feel welcome. He was also caught initiating a basketball game last period with exchange students from Mexico. Very impressive.”

Another faculty nomination added, “Beckett continuously puts himself out there in the earnest effort to engage in the Jesuit experience. In everything he does, whether it be academics, athletics, or clubs, he always puts his best foot forward, giving it everything he has. He excels in my class, always going above and beyond with his work. He recently joined the tennis team, and I am continually impressed by his willingness to try new things. Despite how impressive he often is, Beckett is incredibly humble and probably would never consider himself "Ranger of the Week," which perhaps why he is most deserving.

Congratulations to sophomore Beckett Mundorff, Ranger of the Week.