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An energetic and empathetic leader of the student body, senior Blake Hunter has been essential in Jesuit’s successful relaunch of in-person service at Notre Dame School of Dallas, while he has contributed significantly to the development of the freshman class as a retreat leader and Executive Big Brother. 

In addition to his commitment to the students at Notre Dame, Blake serves as a docent at the Holocaust and Human Rights Museum of Dallas. The coordinators of both programs have reached out to the School to praise his commitment, kindness, and team-oriented attitude.

“Blake is a terrific Jesuit student,” said a member of the faculty. “He is always seeking ways to make the community better and has been an excellent mentor for his schoolmates.”

Specializing in the long and triple jump as a member of Jesuit’s reigning area championship track & field team, Blake is also a member of the Jesuit Dallas Multicultural Society and the car club. 

“Blake’s dedication to his athletic performance in track & field is inspiring,” shared one of his coaches. “He pursues excellence not only in his performance but also in his preparation and training. One of the first to arrive for a morning weight room session and often the last to leave from an afternoon track practice, Blake is committed to being the best he can be.”