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An enriching aspect of the Jesuit experience is the brotherhood among our young men, and some students, such as junior Dillan Lohr, discover that being a Man for Others often begins on campus, inside classrooms and on the fields of play. Most notably, Dillan has answered the call to serve his peers with an amazing commitment in the Learning Resource Center.

“A hard-working student, Dillan dedicates his time before and during alpha period each day to tutoring students in math and a variety of other subjects,” boasted a faculty nomination. “His calm demeanor and arsenal of study strategies has shown to build the confidence of struggling learners.”

A freshman student added, “Dillan is one of the most thoughtful and intelligent people I know. He always finds time for me, and he has helped me be more confidence in my abilities.”

Described by another faculty member as, “talented at working with a team and bringing out confidence in the students with special needs in the TOPS golf program,” Dillan has served as a leader this year at the Catholic Charities Food Pantry, while also competing as a member of the chess club, the Jesuit Basketball Association, and as a player in the Jesuit Dallas soccer program.

“Dillan regularly showed up early to practice and prepped the entire field for training without being asked,” marveled one of his coaches. “He simply observed and learned what needed to be done. Now he does it on his own. He earns the trust of adults and is quickly gaining the respect of his peers. Somewhere along the line he found an inner confidence that isn’t self-promoting or arrogant. Dillan has redefined himself multiple times, and each iteration gets more polished and more generous. Not only that, but he is a great artist! Strong moral compass. Great human.”

Congratulations to Ranger of the Week, Dillan Lohr.