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With a presence that is both positive and infectious, sophomore Gustavo Aldrey is a difference maker with the programs he serves and through his daily encounters. According to one of his classmates, “Gustavo always has a smile on his face and is never shy to offer help to another student.”

Aldrey maintains a busy extracurricular calendar. The second-year student is a member of the campus ministry team where he actively participates in prayer services, is part of student council, serves on the Hope Squad, rows for the Jesuit Dallas crew program, and is an admissions ambassador providing personalized tours to prospective families.

“More than any other student that I know, Gustavo brightens up a room with a smile so big that you can see it through his mask,” exclaimed one of his teachers. “He is an excellent and diligent student with an upbeat attitude; more importantly, he radiates his love for Jesuit and his peers by immersing himself into the community.” 

Another nominating student added, “Gustavo is charismatic and level-headed, and has built close relationships with all his peers, teammates and teachers. He is everything in what it means to be a Ranger of the Week.”

September 13, 2021