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It’s not uncommon to hear coaches in the athletic program sing the praises of junior Michael Mathie, who as a member of both the varsity basketball and lacrosse programs, maintains a busy extracurricular schedule; but Michael’s peer leadership and care of his fellow student sets him apart.

Michael is a member of the Hope Squad with multiple years of experience. He recently represented Jesuit Dallas at a statewide multi-campus event and has taken the lead on a number of school-wide programs connected to Hope Squad.

A faculty member shared, “Mike is very deserving of Ranger of the Week. He takes on so much in all areas of Jesuit and balances it all seamlessly. His ability to manage his time, prioritize his responsibilities, and communicate conflicts is exceptional. He stays ahead of things and gives his all in everything he does.”

In addition to his work with Hope Squad, he participates in the PALS leadership program and is a member of student council. He plays a prominent role on the basketball and lacrosse teams, and last season helped lacrosse capture the state championship.  

“Michael is an awesome kid and a great student,” added one of his coaches. “He competes at a high level for two varsity sports, works hard, is friendly, and his teammates love him. We are lucky to have him as part of our program.”

Congratulations to Michael Mathie ’23, this week’s Ranger of the Week.