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Senior Imjai Utailawon serves as president of the Jesuit Ursuline Ranger Band (JURB) and leads a peer leadership team integral in the success of the program. His dedication to JURB has been remarkable, and according to a fellow classmate, “when Imjai’s not practicing, he is always providing mentorship to fellow band members seeking to improve themselves as we continue to work on our halftime show celebrating 250 years of Beethoven and his music.”

In addition to his leadership efforts in the Band, Utailawon is captain of the fencing team, a member of the engineering society, and is a senior class student council representative. A nominating faculty member said, “I have been lucky to know Imjai since he was in middle school. Ever since I first met him, he has been a very kind and conscientious person who stood out in class, both academically and in his service to his peers.”

Another one of his classmates added, “Imjai is a representation of Jesuit’s ideals, especially in regards to service to the community and loving care. He brings joys to the students of Jesuit.”

September 6, 2021