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Junior Sy Black helped create a memorable experience for the students at the Notre Dame School of Dallas during the recent Christmas season. An outstanding student and team captain of the rugby team, Sy took on a leading role in December’s project and annual Christmas Dance, working with the students on arts and crafts, and helping to design and build much of the infrastructure of the entrance and main area of the Terry Center for the event. His leadership was lauded by staff at both schools, as was his impact in providing a joyous evening for our friends at the Notre Dame School. 

Said a nominating member of the faculty, “Sy is a quality young man who gives freely of his free time to help Jesuit.” Another member of the faculty added, “Sy is a terrific student; quick to learn new concepts and always willing to help those around him understand, too.”

Sy’s relationship with the Notre Dame School of Dallas began as a sophomore with the unique athletic partnership in the unified sports program through the Special Olympics Texas, while his freshman service activities included Austin Street Center and Hillcrest House AIDS Services. Sy is a member of Key Club, the Junior Classical League, and last season helped the rugby team achieve a No. 1 national ranking and a single-school state championship.

“Sy is one of the most genuine members of our community who embodies the meaning of 
Men for Others and what the rugby team tries to instill in their players,” said one of Sy’s coaches. “Sy only knows how to give everything he has whenever faced with challenges on and off the pitch and is constantly working to make his teammates better.”

Congratulations to Ranger of the Week, Sy Black.